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  • Hi, new person...

    Hello all, am new to this forum. I am a creative therapies coordinator for Sue Ryder Care, do lots of art & crafts with patients with life limiting illness'. I also do my own arts and craft - just for fun really, but maybe one day will make my fortune(!), have BA in design from Bath Uni. Hope to use the forum to help me keep fresh ideas flowing for the patients as there are many abilities so variety and inclusion is v. important. Hope to contribute too! So on that note does anyone have ideas or adaptations for doing tactile, fairly easy, art/crafts with people who have a visual impairment?
    I would be very grateful, look forward to meeting you
    Ami xxx

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    I admire you for what you do.Glad you found us.Hope we can help
    Shabby Neesey


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      Sorry,cant help with any ideas, but I'm sure some other members wi ll soon be along who will be able to come up wirth useful suggestions.

      What sortof crafts do youlikedoing for yourself?


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        BIG to you.

        Best Wishes,



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          from me too!

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            Sorry had a think about crafts for visually impaired but can't really think of much. It would really need to be something where you rely on touch and I can't think off of the top of my head - maybe some king of moulding but I am sure someone will be able to help they are a helpful bunch here.

            Hello and welcome.



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              thanks for warm welcome

              God this site is addictive - luvin the recycling bit, there are some really clever people out there, I think it's sooo lovely that crafty people exist, they seem to be the anti to this over consumerism we seem to be caught up in and call western civilisation! We have a tight budget at work so being thrifty comes with the territory. Trips to the local scrap store are soooo exciting and I have to say it's very hard not to come back with loads of stuff just for house isnt big enough for that! I have always loved doing most crafts, now my things are painting huge flowers on canvas with string, acrylic & gouache, jewellery (beading), felting, monoprints...i'll give most things a go. Its always good to find new things and give them a bash, disaster or not you can always adapt things I find. Re the visual impaired patients, Im thinking material memory books/photo albums, various tactile materials simply framing important (sentimental) photos, sewn together using large tapestry needle and wool. Large needle means no painful needle pricks ,(ouch) easy to feel what you're doing, and less fidly stitches - might even use a hole punch to make holes for the stitches that way making it even easier to feel. Could also do tactile wall hangings, cover boxes in fabric...oh thats it Im on a roll!
              Let me know what you think!!!!
              Ami xxx


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                Hello and to the forum.
                Anice xx
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                  Ha Ha! addcitive indeed! hope you dont plan on getting much work done...oh no i fotgot us women can multi task... ***looking around for any frowning men**** lol

                  There is always someone who can help, i dont think i have seen an unanswered thread (apart from those with other intentions!) You sound as tho you will be a good assest (sp!) to the forums


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                    Big warm from me too !!!! Cant think of anything to help with your work projects but willng to try and help with anything else.

                    Cheers Janice.


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                      craft for sight impairment

                      I used to work with adults with sight impairment and one of the most sucessful projects was a mural for the entrance to the unit. we did a autum mural and a christmas one. First we discussed what we wanted to do on the mural then each person did a bit - eg some made snowmen by having the shape and then decorating it with fake fur, cotton wool, etc. This way all pieces could be done sat at a table. They looked really good when all attached to the mural and great to feel too.
                      Hope this helps



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                        Hi Ami and welcome. Wonder, have you tried mosaics? The tiles can be fairly sizeable if need be, and can be just as effective as abstracts.

                        Also, a table collection of objects of different tactile qualities. I found that was good when I worked with a group of learning disabled people.
                        You can play a light-hearted game too; close eyes and guess the object.

                        Sand paper is good for cut-out letters and shapes, because they can be 'felt' as well as seen.

                        Good luck with the work and your own crafts!
                        Crafting on a big rock that's hurling through space at 90 miles per second. EEEk!