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  • Howdy doodle

    Hi all,

    New to this crafting thingy but just made a card for my cousins new baby which turned out much, much better than the disaster that was xmas cards!

    Have done a bit of cross stitch previously and now, thanks to my aunt, am tiptoeing through the world of card making..... so far its going ok but who knows!

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    Hello and to the forum from another card maker. It doesn't matter if you cards aren't that great at the beginning as you go along you will get better. It's the fact that you have taken the time to make it rather than just spend money in a shop to buy one that's important. Anyway I bet they are not as bad as you think!
    Enjoy your time here
    Anice xx
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      Thanks!! The xmas cards were pretty awful but as I say, Im getting better and just spent a fortune on more stuff so hopefully now that I have the right equipment and more of a clue, they'll turn out fab!

      Will post pics as soon as I get them uploaded and resized etc. so you can all tell me what ya think! Now there's a scary prospect!


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        Hi and
        I also make cards, when I get time LOL
        I came..I saw..I shopped


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          Hiya and to the forum.

          Card making is something I've wanted to do myself and I even have some stock that I built up over a year ago......but never got around to it! Same as making jewerly!! I made myself a necklace and earring set about 4 years ago, loved it and said I would make more............ LOL! have beads that I've got of EBay but its always 'one day'.

          Look forward to seeing your cards and as tippy says you will get better as you go along......we all do!

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            Hello and from me too. Never made cards so you have my utmost respect for even trying. Like everything it's just practise.

            Cheers Janice


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              hi there and

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                Hello! Enjoy your new craft and what a nice aunt you have!
                Crafting on a big rock that's hurling through space at 90 miles per second. EEEk!


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                  and hello from me too!


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                    Thank you all for the warm welcome!! Im sure at some point I will have some rather odd and probably stupid questions for you all as, well I've made a total of 2 successful cards and theres still so much more to learn and do, so providing I dont cut my hand off with a craft knife, then I plan on learning and doing lots more.


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                      from me too

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