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    Hi everyone, I am new to all this. I am setting up my own business, wedding stationery and would welcome any advice. I am just getting a portfolio together and have my business cards printed, I have attended a couple of wedding fairs and done price research but apart from that......I intend calling in at local hotels, photographers and florists etc with my cards. I have had a look on citizens website, I see the princes trust provide help for the more mature of us, lol Any more advice would be very welcome.

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    Hi Tina, welcome to the forum. My advice is.......get an album up & running so we can all have a look.



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      Hello Tina, welcome to the forum!
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        you could try promoting yourself on folksy and etsy and online through your own website.


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          the princes trust is great help my friend used them for her photography business, my advise is network network and network some more


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            Hi Tina, welcome! Newbie myself. I would definitely recommend setting up a shop on Etsy. I've sold a few custom-made wedding guest books on there, and I think that half the people browsing on there are looking for wedding stuff! If you could do a custom service (basically get people to tell you what they want, then you make it) it's a great way to find out what people are looking for and to adjust your stock accordingly. Look on there for similar items to yours so you can price competitively, and see what's popular. I've had a couple of orders through wedding planners, so it's a great way to get your stuff out to everyone. Hope that helps!
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              Hi Tina, Good luck with your new business. I have had a small business myself for about ten years and loved it, I am now retireing to spend more time with my family [MOD EDIT - selling is not permitted on the form]. I have been very busy, remember when you are doing Wedding invitations you may be tasked with a hundred or more of the same thing so you will need a bit of a conveyer belt approach but it is fun. And totally doable from home too. Good luck
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