Hello everyone,

How is everybody? My names Amber, I’m from Sydney Australia. I love all sorts of crafts, but I love crochet the most. I used to write craft articles for interweave as well as a few other magazines. I've recently decided to stop writing for other people and write something for myself.

So I’ve started throwing around ideas about what would be the best crochet stuff to write about? And that’s when I found out. There are 200,000 individual books published each year in America alone but only 50-60 ever become best sellers. I read once that the reason most books don’t make it is because “they are written by writers, not written for readers”.

I want to allow as many people to contribute to my book as possible, so I can find out exactly what people who crochet want to read about. I want to make this a book written for the crocheters out there.

I've put up a survey at AskACrochetMaster . com if you feel that you can contribute then please go there and fill out my survey. Your help will be much appreciated.

I called my site Ask A Crochet Master not because I think I’m some sort of crochet grandmaster and you can ask me questions, but because I’m the one asking you the questions and I believe I can learn from you.

If you do my survey I’m giving away 5 guides to learning crochet. The guides are amazing for people who want to learn how to crochet quickly and easily. If you already know how to crochet the guide won’t help you that much, however I’ve found it’s a great gift to give or teach to your friends or family if they want to learn how to crochet. So why not share…

Please tell me what you think and give me your feed back.

Thank you so much for reading this.
I really look forward to getting to know you all.
AskACrochetMaster . com