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    Hi everyone, I am just starting out in business making and selling fabric crafts. I would love to hear from anymore with any tips or ideas re selling at craft fairs please. Thank you.

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    Hi there i started up a craft business with my mum about 8 months ago! Things were slow to begin with but slowly things are picking up really well. With craft fayres i think you have to try a few before you find your niche. Make sure you do a bit of research to find out how well advertised e.t.c they are! For example last year our first couple of shows involved stalls at agricultural shows we did not do very well, but since then have found where we need to be! We also have an ebay shop, facebook account and twitter which really helps. x


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      Hello, welcome to the forum and good luck with your new venture!
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        Welcome. Good to see you here. Have a look around, there are lots of threads on this subject that you might find helpful.
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          Hi, to the forum.

          Jo xx
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            Hello and welcome to you

            Craft Fairs

            Firstly make sure you have your public liability insurance sorted out.

            Check out posible craft fairs first ie where are the situated, ie does it have lots of people passing by or is it out of the way.

            Does it have good parking, Is the building itself clean and tidy. Nothing worse than turning up to a tatty/dirty/smelly out of the way place with no chance of people passing by and popping in to see what's happening.

            Check out if it's been held their before and go see what kind of set up they have ie is it very professional or like a cheap indoor car boot sale.

            Do they have plenty of 'visiters/customer' ie was it well attended by the public.

            What sort of quality of items where on display? Would your items fit in well?

            How well advertised is the event?

            Well established events are often the better ones to attend.

            New ones are often untested and you can be taking a bit of a gamble.

            When you've choosen your event carefully.

            Think about how you are going to display your goods, you don't have to display everything if it makes your display looked cluttered, you can add items to your display as you go.

            Don't worry about taking 'too much stock' you can keep spare stock under your display you'll kick yourself later if someone asks for something you have but you've left it at home.

            Make sure you remember your float with plenty of change.

            A nice large table cloth to cover your table, take safety pins to secure table cloth so it doesn't trip people up.

            Think about your lay out of your display if you can put things on different levels.

            Don't forget to take your buisness cards with your web address facebook address so customers know where to go to find you again for possible repeat orders.

            Don't forget to engage with potential customers ie don't sit there reading a book or on playing with your iphone.

            And Smile and enjoy
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              Hello and welcome to the forum - and to selling crafts!

              You've got some great tips already on this thread! You'll find more tips for selling on my Handmade harbour blog (link in signature) and also I write for Craftseller magazine's new blog at:

              If you want a monthly magazine with tips about selling crafts, Craftseller is ideal (in fact it's probably the only one). They do a good introductory subscription offer (no, they aren't paying me to say that!!).
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                Thank you so much for your advice - it is much appreciated and inspiring. x


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                  Thank you very much


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                    Thank you so much for all that wonderful advice - It is much appreciated


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                      Thank you so much for the advice - really appreciate it


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                        Hi, I have also just started up a little craft business making baby stuff. hope things are going well for you. I have found that there is a lot more to do than i originally thought. But I have now sorted out most the boring stuff and can get back to enjoying the sewing. would love to hear what your experience has been like.