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  • hola from Spain

    fantastic site, wish i'd found it sooner! in spite of no positive responses so far to my urgent help request!

    Used to love craft stuff as a kid, but as I got slung out of o level art classes as being useless never did anything till relatively recently. Got into saltdough, through a friend as an idea of an activity to offer the kids at school at the xmas craft fair, to stop them running aroud and disrupting everything.We made simple shapes for them to paint there or buy and take home to paint. That led me on to card making ( with salt dough items to decorate them), then decorating boxes, mirrors etc with salt dough shapes. I've also tried wooden items, and currently am in to decorating glass and china items ( hence first posts for help).

    Would LOVE to try just about every different craft available, especially pottery making! but funds are severely limited, as well as the difficulties here in Spain , of getting craft supplies. I do miss those large craft hypermarkets in the UK!, (but my bank balance doesnt!), although there are some small british craft shops setting up,but the prices are very inflated!

    Well that's all for now. Look forward to getting to making some new cyber craft friends and admiring more of your products.

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    Hi and not even a tiny bit jealous that you're in Spain...honest!

    As for your query, it might take a while to get an answer as it's not one of the more popular crafts on here so less 'experts' to help. Have to hold my hands up to not really understanding it fully but is there any possibilty of testing a small bit in the oven to see if it works.
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      I have thought of trying it out in the gas oven, but havent got anything spare to afford to waste at the moment!
      I have also tried to send pebeo a query directly ( a lot earlier) but no joy yet from them!

      However there is some hope, as since 1st posting, hubby has managed to get the combi oven microwave thingy door open ( dismantled the whole thing, ) remove the broken door latches(careless children) glue them together, and just have to hope he can put the thing back together, and the catches hold!!

      I have also got another oven which does have a temp gauge, but thats a woodburner, so slow to get going and difficult to maintain at required temp, and cant just be turned off!

      does heat the kitchen nicely though and good when cooking for lots of people as dont ahve to just rely on normal oven.

      Anyway, sunny Spain, is not so sunny or warm at teh moment, well not where we are ( inland and up mountains) It ahs been tryin to snow the last few days.. and no central heating to turn up!
      log burners and open fires are lovely, but someone has to get up in the cold and light them!

      mind you , if the sun comes out, and there's no wind, we can still go out in a tshirt at his tie of year! ( + trousers etc of course)


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        hiya and to the forum

        ooo I think I would like to live in fact, its one of our 'options' we are thinking about when we retire!!!

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          Hi from me too!

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            Hello and to the forum from me too!!
            Anice xx
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              Welcome to the crafts forum

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                from me too !!!

                Cheers Janice


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                  and a big welcome from me too!

                  Spain is one of the many countries in which I would like to live... especially up in the hills


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                    well it is beautiful, but life is very different, and it feels like we may get a white christmas here this year. all the other years the snow has held off till jan or feb, but there have been a few flakes already, and it's darned cold.. and no central heating!


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                      Hello, nice to meet you! Sounds wonderful, open fires, woodburners, and up a mountain in Spain! What a great place to bring up kids.
                      Hope you manage to get some answers to your question about ovens... I'm no help, I haven't done glass or ceramic decoration, but someone out there will have I'm sure. Feliz Navidad! (Rusty, ancient O level Spanish!)
                      Crafting on a big rock that's hurling through space at 90 miles per second. EEEk!