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  • Hello from Bulgaria

    I am a student in Ethnology, third year, and in the moment I am studying closely the Bulgarian traditional crafts..It is really very interesting...there are still lots of preserved crafts and there is also the old organization of crafts in my city together with the new one, set by if you are interested check my home page...

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    Hi Craftsbg... that does sound very interesting, what a great subject to study at university! I'd have loved to do that! Can't see your home page though, think there is a rule about posting url s until you've posted 25 replies. Would really love to learn about your traditional crafts though.
    keep in touch! And...

    PS (18 December)... finally sussed out how to see your website (der...!) Loved the Bulgarian weaving!!!
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    Crafting on a big rock that's hurling through space at 90 miles per second. EEEk!


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      Hello from a hot South Africa

      Hi, I'm Magriet from South Africa. I'm a granny and interested in crafts to keep the little ones occupied (4years old). I do not think I'll be able to contribute that much but, hopefully, I'll learn a lot


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        Hello from a rather chilly UK

        Hello Magriet! Pleased to meet you... wish you much fun crafting with your grandchildren.
        Crafting on a big rock that's hurling through space at 90 miles per second. EEEk!


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          Hello to both of you.

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          'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen


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            hello to all

            in fact I don't study just about crafts but recently i met some people from the craftsmanship organization in my town Plovdiv..they make so beautiful things...and the sad thing is most of them don't know anything about Internet and the opportunity to sell their things abroad...mostly because they are already old but mainly because they don't trust the whole thing...i understand it though...


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              craftsbg and Magriet

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