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    My Mom and I have started our own online shop recently and so I have been browsing the crochet/ craft forums lately.
    My Mom has been crocheting for years. It is exciting that the art is now starting to really take off again and being seen even in modern homes!!
    So Mom and I opened [mod edit] to sell some of the beautiful items that she is making and our friends were coveting! Mom lives in Canada and I live in Europe- so it takes a fair bit to stay organised! There is a lot of inspiration over here in Europe with all the different cultures and lifestyles.
    I look forward to meeting other shop owners and craft lovers on this site! ❤ Andrea

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    Hi Andrea, to the forum.

    Jo xx
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      Hello and welcome to the forum, ive recently learnt to crochet after several years of trying. Good luck with your new venture


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        Hi Andrea, It's nice that you're working with your mum.
        Welcome and good luck with your venture.
        James x


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          Hi, welcome. Ive just had a look at your page. I love the way you have photographed your work, its really great



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            Hi... Welcome to the forum. I like your website.
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              Hello and welcome Lovely colourful crochet work from one crocheter to another

              I just had a look at your website but couldn't see your address details. Are you selling from somewhere in Europe or from Canda? I would check out the Distance Selling Regulations regarding returns, displaying your buisness address, and selling via the internet as you are not complying with them at the present time and this could put off potential customers.

              All the best with the new venture
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                Hi Andrea,

                I'm also new in this forum and I'm glad with the quick and warm answers from everybody.
                Good luck with your shop.


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                  Thanks everyone for your comments and welcome.
                  I have already learned a few things I need to change/ review with regards to my crochet! Especially adding address details to webpages etc.

                  We are based in Vancouver, Canada and also Portugal, Europe as products are made in both place.

                  Today I was at a photography studio having my products photographed. made them look so much more professional! Was lovely to feel that pride in what Mom and I have created.

                  Andrea ❤


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                    Hi Andrea, welcome I'm from Vancouver Island originally and used to live in Vancouver... and now live in Europe! Be sure to share your page with us once you are able to by forum rules, I'd like to check it out I love crochet and am trying to learn via youtube!
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                      Hi Andrea!
                      I just started up with my sister, keeping it in the family like you.
                      Good luck with your new venture and
                      Come and join our wonderful world of hand-crafted happiness!

                      Find us on Facebook too!