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Hi! I'm new here.

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  • Hi! I'm new here.

    Hi to all my fellow crafters, I have just joined your forum today!
    I am eager to learn more from all of you with your unique knowledge.
    I found your forum via an engine search of 'Craftseller'. It was a blog regarding copyright. It is a very confusing subject and I want to be able to sell my items without upsetting the wider crafting community. Where does one persons design end and another start? I thought up (what I thought was a good idea) a couple of years ago, only to see a very similar item in most magazines I look at now! Many people could have thought of it at the same time. If my item is a different colour, texture or size does that make it my design or an alternative copy of another designers? Anybody with any copyright law knowledge, out there?

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    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    And happy new year!
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      Hello and welcome to the forum. It's your forum too, now!

      Copyright is a confusing issue, especially when you factor in that there are very few totally new ideas. Even when you think you've found one, someone somewhere has probably done something similar. Your very good idea was obviously a good idea if other people thought of it too!

      I was very recently asked to make something recycled for a magazine (a bird feeder) and came up with what I thought was a completely new and unique idea. A quick Google image search told me it wasn't as unique as I'd thought, although nobody seemed to have done it in quite the way I was thinking, so (with the magazine's agreement) I'm going ahead with it. It's still my idea, with my unique spin on it - does that help at all?

      There isn't actually a defining line though, and even lawyers argue about where that line might be - different in each case. You are (probably) safe if you work on your own designs and your own "look" for your range. That doesn't mean you won't see similar things and it doesn't mean (unfortunately) that your ideas won't be copied.

      There's more info here: which might help.

      Good luck!
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        Hi and welcome.
        Thanks for raising the copyright issue it's often on my mind. In the course of my work I either use licenced artwork by others or draw my own artwork without reference and thiss become my own work, hence I own copyright. However, it seems that many people see something they like and copy it without crediting the work to the originator or asking prior permission. I'm afraid that that's the world we live in. It boils down to conscience and good reputations cannot be built on copied work.
        All the best


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          Hi, to the forum.

          Jo xx
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            Happy New Year! and Thanks to all who replied to my first question. The copyright issue is a little clearer than mud now so I'll just carry on with my ideas and hope for the best, having already 'googled' for other items similar.


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              Welcome to the forum
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