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Printer recommendation plllllllease!!!

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  • Printer recommendation plllllllease!!!

    Hi Guys,

    I really need some advice on a fab printer, that prints on Card/ Paper for A3 A4 A5 and possibly smaller and double sided. Any advice is really appreciated!! Many Thanks xxxx

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    I've got a brother 5910DW which does all the above.


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      This may not be greatly helpful, but I've had so many problems with my epson. I've had to take 2 back, on the 3rd now and looking to take that back and just get a different brand as it's caused us so much trouble. We had a dell before and it was pretty good but not sure what sizes it printed at (definitely A4 though).
      Hope that helps you a bit xx


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        I'm not a fan of Epson, either. the one I had was slow, noisy, and drank ink like there was no tomorrow. If I tried to save ink, it would dry and clog up the cartridge, forcing me to buy a new one.

        HP, in my experience tends to be better, but ink is still too expensive.

        I think an A3 printer will cost a LOT more than an A4 printer. Do you definitely need A3? If not, then it might be cheaper to use a colour laser. I'm using a Samsung colour laser (with hacked firmware so I can refill the cartridges or use aftermarket ones). After a year, it's still going strong on its original toner.

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          I've always had HP's for the last 10 years in my office and at home (usually at least 4 at a time!) - always reliable till they breakdown. Ink may be expensive but I always buy original cartridges off ebay at cheaper than high street prices and then sell the empty ones again on ebay which gives an extra discount.

          Have found some of the on-line stores (for example cheaper from time to time but certainly pays to shop around to see who's got the current best deal.

          Hope that helps


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            Hi Emma
            I have been working selling printers for the past 5 months, and i have had many people who make cards who were looking for ones that accept card and acetate. The kodak printers are the best for taking card and they ae cheap on ink compared to other models. If you are looking for a back feeder printer the esp 3.2s is a good one though it is not a duplexer that does the double sided printing. If you are definately after a double sided printer i would recommend either the hero 5.1 or hero 7.1 both are duplex, accept card are quite fast compared to other brands.
            Hope this helps.