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  • hello newbie here

    Probably seen this a dozen times but please help us

    Hi all just enrolled in this site and though it could be useful to me.

    Bit of background. Im from the sign industry and recently moved to Austria from dismal UK. Ive been working at 2 sign companys in the past 18 months and just been mad redundant 4 weeks before xmas which was a bummer as we just bought a house.

    While im looking for a job i thought i could setup a A Silver imprint business over here as there is nothing like it from what i've seen and planning on doing it with my wife untill i find other employment then she can take over the silver business

    I know its a saturated market but can people give me a few pointers on what equipment i need that is good but not top spec but middle of the road and good enough for what is required. i know the main ongoing main cost is the clay but there are so many ones out there...Whats best to buy and where from. Also as regards to making the stamp i was a graphic designer for 20 years in the UK so im a bit dab handy in photoshop to get the prints a good quality fore stamping but is polymer the best way to go to make the stamps.

    Just a bit new to me and want to do it right and with the right any help would be appreciated


    lee and Alison...Austria

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    Hello, I can't help you with your question but would like to welcome you to the forum.

    There is a section here on polymer clay so it might be worth posting a question there if you don't get the answer here.

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      Welcome to the forum. I'm quite jealous of you living in Austria!
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        it is nice but very very cold at the moment (-18) last week and the snow is thick


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          Happy New Year to all...Anybody shed a light on this for me being the new year and all


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            Hi Lee & Alison, to the forum.

            Jo xx
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              Hello and welcome to the forum, sorry can't help with what you are asking but i'm sure someone will shortly once the new year is out of the way and things get back to normal x


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                Hi & Welcome. Hope you get it sorted soon.


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                  Hi all i guess no one is in the helping mood LOL.

                  Im ok with the clay part and firing it but how is the best way to make a stamp to press the clay as i want to use the Inkless print system and i pressume i have to use polymer and expose the print though acetate (is this correct)!!!!!! If so where is the best place to buy the equipment needed to do this

                  HELP PPLLEEAASSEEEE


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                    No body shed a light on my questions?????


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                      As this is an introductory forum you won't get many replies from people that do the same sort of thing.
                      As Eyebright said, if you post your question in the Polymer Clay forum I am sure there are many people there that would help you with this.

                      And Welcome!