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Hi this is Matt Trueman from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

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  • Hi this is Matt Trueman from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

    Hi everybody I want to say that I am Matt Trueman from Leeds and right now I am studying Electronics Engineering from University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

    In my part time I run a British Band i.e. Saxxons. I play guitar, sing songs, compose music and write lyrics for the songs. We put all our new songs releases at our website [MOD EDIT - please read the forum rules]

    Apart from the music I also have great respect and passion for art & crafts, that is why I am joining this forum, so that I can also get some unique, innovative ideas, creative crafts, beautiful articles to decorate home, etc. from the so many artists available here.

    Hope I will get some great ideas.
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    Hi Matt, to the forum.

    Jo xx
    Things to make and do
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      Welcome, Matt.

      Great to see another male here.

      Do you do any crafting yourself? I trained in (amongst other things) television studio systems engineering, which is just electronic engineering for a broadcast setting. Working in television was always an ambition, but once I'd qualified, there were no jobs I don't think you would have been born back then.

      I can't remember a time when I couldn't knit, and I've always loved making books.

      Now I'm experimenting with paper-making; learning to crochet, and planning to open an on-line store selling the books I make and the cards my wife makes. We think we may have found a niche, so I'm not going to divulge anything more at the moment.

      I'm also enjoy film making; another ambition of mine is to make a music video for pop/rock music. I've already done a video for classical music which is broadcast every so often.

      Best wishes,


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