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  • Hello from Emerald Rose :)

    I just wanted to say hello now that I've registered. I'm Laura and I make lots of different things. I started off knitting as a hobby, then moved on to jewellery. I sell my things at craft fairs, but I don't seem to do anywhere near as well as other people and I'm struggling to figure out why. Maybe I'll find some useful tips on here.

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    Hi Laura, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will receive lots of help here!
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      I make lots of different things, too, and one thing I have found is that I sell more if I have no more than a couple of different crafts on my stall, preferably two very different ones, and treat the display as two separate halves, not as 'one mixed craft stall'.

      So, I might have, for example, doll's clothes and accessories on one half, and papercraft seasonal decorations (not cards! I don't make cards!) on the other half.

      People often assume - if I have a friend helping me - that one of us does one craft, and one the other. Actually my friend is a baker and I help her out at her markets, where people often assume I have made the cakes and she has made the biscuits (or vice-versa).

      You could always try it and see, anyway. Only having two categories of items on the stall gives a less car-booty look, I find, and it is much easier to get a classy appearance for your display.
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        Thanks eena, that's really good advice. I'll have to try that.


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          Hi Laura, to the forum.

          Jo xx
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            Welcome to the forum


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              Welcome to the forum.