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    Hi everyone

    I am new to this site and looking for some good advice. My brother and myself are photographers and are looking to start selling our work through local craft fairs.
    Can anyone answer the following questions
    1. Do we need to register the business and if so with whom.
    2. Where can we go to check out what business names are already being used (we would hate to advertise ourelsves if the name is already registered with someone else)
    3. It has been recommended that we have public liability insurance and someone has recommended GM Insurance Imber Brokers and Sons Ltd. Does anyone ou there use this company (any comments). They have asked for a company registration number how important is this at this stage.

    Finally, please visit my web site MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ POSTING RULES any comments would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    David Webb
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    Hi and to the forum. Wow so many questions! I can answer the first one nice and quickly, if you are selling things then yes you need to register with the inland revenue - it's not as bad as people think and if you look through the business sections here (particularly the 'setting up a craft business' and 'uk tax for crafts' ones) you'll find loads of info.

    As for insurance I know GM Imber has been recommended by a lot of members but I seem to recall a member recently finding it waaay cheaper with someone else but can't remember who - if you search for insurance I'm sure the post will come up.

    Beadsage editted your post as we have a rule about posting web addys - you're not allowed until you have 25 posts. This is to stop people just popping on to post a url and not contributing to the forum, but it sounds like you've got lots of questions so I'm sure you'll get to the 25 in no time.
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        from me too !!!!

        Cheers Janice