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  • Hi there!

    What a great forum! Found it through google and have loved reading the posts. Your work is all so stunning and it makes me proud to be a crafter again (been to too many craft fairs where they just peeled the made in Taiwan stickers off).
    I don't have a website as I've been living in Egypt for a few years and am about to move to the States (typical, with the shape of their economy at the moment). I have some of my work on the you crafty lot site (if I'm allowed to say that?) DUH!
    Keep up the good work y'all!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by botticelliwoman View Post
    (been to too many craft fairs where they just peeled the made in Taiwan stickers off).

    Hello and welcome to you.What knid of thing do you make?

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      Hi Seahorse!
      I'm what's loosely referred to as a decorative artist..LOL. Anything with a nice flat surface I wanna paint on it. Have done pet portraits, murals, painted furniture etc. Whilst I was in Egypt I was painting on alabaster vases and papyrus. I guess I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades; as long as I'm being creative I'm happy.


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        Hello and welcome to the forum from me too.

        When is it you are moving back to the states and are you looking forward to it.



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          from me too!

          My website:

          My blog:


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            from me too !!!

            Cheers Janice


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              I'm supposed to go to the States in March/April but I'm still waiting on the US Embassy about my visa. I'm going to train for the ministry (church not political) and hopefully set up a programme to teach crafts/art to otherwise unskilled teens. Perhaps there's room for a Christian Crafts Guild? (if there isn't one already). I get really annoyed that the emphasis in society is on people who do well academically and that arts and crafts are relegated to being a 'nice hobby'. Everybody is blessed with a talent of some description and we should celebrate and be proud of the gifts we have......sorry....soap box...LOL