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  • New to selling crafts

    Hello! I am 17 and very new to selling homemade things even though Ive been sewing and making things since I was very young after my mum taught me. I have recently decided to try and make a business out of my passion however, i dont have a clue how to get noticed!

    I currently have an Etsy account ----> heartsandribbonsuk

    If you could take 2 minutes to take a look and hopefully you like what you see!

    I would massively appreciate feedback good but also bad so i know straight away what I'm doing right/wrong and how to improve so if you have the time please send me an email with any suggestions.

    I am currently working on broadening my range and working on some new items which can be seen on my blog ---> kiaya-heartsandribbons on tumblr. Again I appreciate there is barely anything on there but i only started up the blog yesterday as a way of getting feedback, seeing what interests people and keeping everything organised for myself!

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read this and hopefully for view and giving feedback!

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    Also, I keep reading everywhere about appling for things when you start selling and paying tax and things. Do I need to apply for anything now that I have an Etsy account even though ive not yet sold anything?


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      Once you start a business and in this case you are advertising things to sell you must be registered with the HMRC as self employed. You may still be working and on paye and this is shown separately on your tax return. To not register can result in a fine and the HMRC do trawl through websites, Etsy, ebay etc. Give the HMRC a ring or complete the forms online, not as scary as you think. The other thing you should have is PLI a lot of threads on here about this and again better than losing your home.

      I think you also need to look at your prices felt is not cheap and 99p does not seem enough and you have to be careful when the postage is more than the item being sold. In some cases may be better to calculate the postage in with the sale price as some customers could see the heart then think £1.85 to post. Have you factored in your time into the costing. Plus would be good if you had sizes in your description of the hearts to help people when buying.


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        Keep records. Keep all your receipts from when you buy materials - you can set this against any income from sales.
        The golden rule in business is 'profit is sanity, turnover is vanity'. keep that firmly in mind,otherwise, with too low prices selling a lot will give you turnover abd very busy but you won't make any profit. Profit is what we need.


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          Hi i love the wooden mushroom that you have your hearts on, it takes time to sell something and have tto be patient. i have become a fan of your on Etsy perhaps you can return the favour you can find me on there as keeplits or Debbie


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            Thank you very much for the reply!
            My dad has his own business so I will ask him to help me with filling out forms and the legal side of things.

            Thank you also for the feedback, I never know what to price things at because I always think I'm going too expensive but sometimes things like cushions (working on some at the moment for my account) take most of my day to make so i cant go too cheap! Very tricky thing i find. Also thank you for mentioning the postage! I tried reading a leaflet I got in the post and some how managed to work out it being £3 to send anything bigger than a letter :s ive just been on the internet to type in exactly what im sending and worked out it is much much cheaper so will be changeing that in a couple of minutes!

            Thank you again


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              Thank you very much its my mums, I was trying to find something that would make my photos look good but not distract from my items and thought that was perfect. As for the etsy account thank you very much, I have followed and favourited your account!


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                So far I've got a list of everything I buy but havent been keeping it up to date as I keep buying things when I havent planned too because I like them so much! Also most of my stuff apart from big peices of material are mainly things I already had from doing little things in the past so havent cost me. Thank you for the reply


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