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  • Hi, I am a newbie

    Hello........... I am new here, I am a quilter but also make personalised ring /keepsake pillows. A friend advised me to start selling them, to date I have only made them for friends and family.

    I cannot afford to do wedding fairs, being retired my income is limited and £130 for a stall is a bit steep when you are just starting out. I thought about doing a few local craft fairs and visiting some locak bridal shops as a starter. I make the pillows to order they take about 3 days to do each one.........embroidered with the couples names, date and place of the marriage and the ring pillows have one or two ribbons for the rings to be tied on. I can post a picute id anyone is interested, comments would be appreciated. The edge of the pillow is self material with a scalloped edge, this is time consuming, I am looking at using lace instead, although oif someone requested the scalloped edge I would do it.

    Thanks for reading..............

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    to the forum Toots!

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      Hi and from me too. Good luch with those sales - you will have to post some pics for us to see!
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        Hello and welcome

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          Thank you for the welcome, if someone can tell me how to post a picture I will do so, have tried a couple of times but nothing happens just a quare with a cross in it?????


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            and hello from me too!
            You need to get to 25 posts before you can do links to pictures (in flikr etc) or insert images..... so get posting!!


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              Toots .
              From me too !!!!

              Cheers Janice


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                My goodness, one a day for the next 25 days takes me almost to Christmas..........I'll do my best to get in before then. I have just had a commision for a 6' Christmas table runner, so a trip to the fabric warehouse is on..............I love fabric..........I will have to keep a tight hold on my would not be the first time I have gone in for one thing and ended up spending £50!!!!!EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK...I'll leave my bank card at home I think then I can only spend what I have in my purse....oh what a thing to be a fabriholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                  Hello toots and
                  Great news about the table runners
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                    oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Incy Wincy you live quite close to me!!!!!!

                    I have just had a rake through my fabric stash, have found 3 pieces of fabric I can use, so just need something with gold and a small pack of wadding and some backing fabric, so not too long as I can keep may hands off the yummy Christmas fabirc they always have at this time of year....


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                      Oh yes didn't notice your location!
                      I love leics market for fabric and there is a great wool shop in the indoor bit (top floor)

                      I've had to stop myself buying anymore xmas fabric! I've so much now and not enough time to do anything with it Will have to find another box to store it till next yr!

                      Make sure you post some pics of your stuff
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                        Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some of your stuff.


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                          Hello and Welcome. I am a new member also.
                          I do quitling and patchwork. I have just started a new wall hanging tonight. It's taken me all night to the back ground, it's a brick wall. It will have flowers and bird's on soon I hope.
                          Your things sound lovely. Like you I will try and post some pictures when I can. do you belong any groups for your quilting.
                          Bye Pandylou


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                            I promise as soon as I have done my 25 posts I will post some pictures and also the link to my webshots album which has all my quilts on as well as some of the places we have visted over the past few years.

                            Horrid day here, I am sorting out fabric for the table runner I have been asked to make...............Incy do you know about Kisco??????


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                              from me, nice to see you around
                              Elena xxx
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