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  • First Post and First Show - Help

    Hi there, my name is Rose but I have decided to call my craft business Nijani- first 2 letters of hubby and 2 sons names, not very original but I thought there would be a lot of Rose and Rosie's out there already.

    I have been making selling hand knit and crocheted items for the 30 years but started selling in the last couple of months along with electronic patterns on eBay and the American Etsy site. Not making any money but getting really excited when something sad am I?

    In about 2 weeks I will be sharing a table with my sister-in- law at a big Cat Show in Scotland and was wondering which is be the best way to display hats, bags and scarfs etc? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. I am starting to panic a bit now, seeing the public reaction to my designs

    Oh and if you are at the West of Scotland Cat show in East Kilbride on the 15th pop over and say hello.



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    Hi Rose

    I have never done a craft fair myself but welcome to the forum, somebody on here will be able to give their advice
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      Hi Rose, to the forum and good luck with your first show!!! I don't make the same items as you, but a plain cloth is always a good start, clear pricing and perhaps have things displayed at different levels - e.g. could you hang your bags on something perhaps?
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        Sure you will get lots of help on here.

        Cheers Janice.


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          Yes, I like to see items displayed at different levels - you can sometimes get more on the table too! If you can't find anything to hang them on nicely, could you build up the table with empty boxes under the cloth? To make a raised dias, if you follow me?

          Katianne's plain cloth always looks nice, and I daresay you don't need telling this, but they do look better if they're level rather than just thrown on any old how ( seen too many like that) and if the cloth comes down to the floor, you can hide boxes of stock under the table. They also look nice if the corners are boxed into hospital corners so there's no trailing folds on the floor.

          You could decorate you table with some wintry things as it's that time of year: I used pinecones on mine, but not too many.

          Wish you the best of luck. You're far too far away for me to visit, but I hope you do well.


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            Thanks for that, I am going to do a mock up over the next couple of weeks, and managed to find a really nice door mounted hanging rack which I am sure hubby can adapt to attach nicely to a back board, with a little persuasion!!!

            I will let you all know how I get on.