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    Good Evening ....

    Just thought I'd introduce myself as I have just found this site and looking forward to exploring and finding the answers to all the questions whizzing around my head.
    I love to 'Make' and 'Create' and enjoy being crafty ...
    I also love horses, horse racing and more horses and love to transfer this into some of the things that I make
    My little girl and I are always painting, glueing, sewing and generally generating a layer of glitter over the whole house. It drives my husband nuts. But hey ho !

    Anyhow, I'm off to have a good look around now, it's very exciting

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    welcome welcome, loook forwardto chatting, I have a mutual love of glitter, i have to add it to everything, including my husband unintentionaly!


    for all your cardmaking and scrapbooking needs!!
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      Hi Heather,

      My poor hubby has to go to work with glittery work shirts as I use the ironing board a lot. Personally, I think it makes the workplace a much lovelier place, don't you ?

      Funnily enough though, he doesn't agree


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        my hubby always seems to have a touch of glitter stuck on his face somewhere, even when i havent been using any, he has learned to live with it. It brightens up my day seeing a little bit of sparkle everywhere. You should see customers when they leave my shop after a one to one class, they always seem to have glitter all over their face, its great!!
        for all your cardmaking and scrapbooking needs!!
        craftyaddicts blog site
        My personal blog


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          you fairy crafters have had a day

          glitter and sparkles wat can i say
          Love Chaze2k7 xx


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            Hello and to the forum. Enjoy yourself here!
            Anice xx
            Funkyhand x
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              and hello from me too!


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                Ah, thank-you all !

                I'm about to start my sewing and my 3.6yo daughter is already positioned at the table with pots of glue, glitter paint, felt, foam, wrapping & tissue paper, pens and crayons.

                I'd better get out there before the re-decoration starts !

                Have a lovely sunny, glittery day




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                  Hello and welcome!

                  My little girl loves to take glitter and sprinkle it into the centres of all our flowers in the garden.

                  Some people on this forum like to sprinkle it into their eyes!
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    Welcome!! Good to have you on board!
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                    'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen


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                      I like horses too !!!!!

                      Don't want to go about them as this is a craft forum BUT welcome from one horsey person to another !!!!!

                      Maybe pick your brains about craft tents at horseshows did my first one this year and loved it.

                      Cheers Janice.


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                        Hiya, from me too.

                        Looking forward to hearing more about your crafting.