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  • Hello from Northern Ireland


    My name is Stephen and I run a web developement business in Northern Ireland and have just recently been developing a craft website just to give information about crafts. I hope to develope this into an ecommerce website if I can find craft drop shippers to help me out.

    I'm not originally from Northern Ireland. I lived in Scotland for about 22 years before getting married to a wee Northern Irish lass then we moved over here to live.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully make some contributions to these forums

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    Hi Stephen,
    Welcome to these forums, nice to meet you. I have only joined recently myself, but it seems to be a nice friendly place, and a good place to find out more about crafts.

    Please take a moment to visit this EXCELLENT site


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      Hi Stephen,

      Welcome to the forum!!

      If you are not near enough to visit then check out my online store!!

      Happy crafting


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        Thanks for the welcome!

        I may be visiting here a little more in the near future as the craft website I'm building is almost complete
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          Welcome to the Forum!!!!

          Good luck with your venture!!

          What do you mean by craft drop shippers? Someone who has the stock and sends it when a sale occurs, or someone who sells the stock but hasn't got it and gets the shipper to send it?

          Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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            Yes the first one.

            Where I implement a cart system on one of my sites and sell products which a drop shipper stores in their warehouse. I then pass on the sale information to the drop shipper and they package it and send it to the customer.

            I think the whole point of this system is that it cuts out the high street store from the equation and allows warehouses stocking products to make a lot more money from sales.
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              great idea!

              Good luck with your venture - craft supplies are soo expensive and the high street shops that sell them are all spe******t so they have the market to sell through the roof!

              I'm a B&W photographer form good old N.I.
              My names emma and am getting more and more interested in all sorts of crafts! Love anything artistic.
              You can find me on google - elwoodprints
              and myspace and bebo and squidoo and flickr - yes I spend way to much time on the internet!
     - My Craft Challenge

     My Photography!

     Craft Website - Which I think I might add a forum to - what you think?

     My research into making money online!


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                to the forum


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                  Hi and welcome. So many people have checked out your post that I just had to find out what you are up to! Sounds like a great idea, definitely a way forward. I'm sure youu will come across some interesting info in the forum and will no doubt be adding some too.


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                    hello and welcome
                    Jan xx



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                      Is it just me??? That post goes back to 2005???