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  • Hello :)

    Hello everyone I stumbled accross this website whilst looking for some events to go to so thought i would join and say hi

    Not sure if i should be here, i'm not really a crafter myself, never have the patience to sit down and make things, as much as i might like to. However my mum is a fabulous creater so i get to go out and sell her things. She makes jewellery out of recycled materials, (spoons/forks/watch pieces and all sorts) as well as hats, bags and anything else she feels like making.

    We have both just started on this route, although she has many years experience in art and textiles and silversmithing. I prefer to go out and do the selling, and may be looking for other crafts to fill my stall

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    Welcome to the crafts forum.

    There is nothing wrong in a mother and daughter team selling crafts. Perhaps you should give some things a try. Even if you are bad at them, at least you can talk to potential customers about your mother's skills with some conviction. So perhaps you should share your this website with your mother and both of you can gain from the very many different sides to running a craft business. Just because you do the selling side does not mean this site will not be useful to you, but there may be times when your mum will come along to a craft show and can demonstrate her skills.

    Do not forget to post a few photos of your mum's work in the gallery, then we can all have a peek at what she does.



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      Welcome to the forum....I would love to see some of your Mum's creations. xx
      Sarah x

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        Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a great team. Would love to see some of your products.
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          Welcome to the forum from another mother and daughter team. My daughter and I work very well together - I can recommend it to anyone thinking about it!
          Annie and Lyn


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            Hi and welcome would be lovely to see some of your mums work, I think it's great you share and get involved with her hobby, my mum isn't interested in making although we do have hours of fun browsing craft stalls at local county shows
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