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  • Bonjour everyone

    Hello everyone

    I'm Escargot. I am French, and over the last 6 or 7 years I have been a bit of a globe trotter. In fact I just moved to England to live with my boyfriend! I am new in this country and I don't know anybody besides him, so I'm hoping to find on the forum people with the same interests

    I've always been creative, my hands always want to make something. I have been experimenting a little bit of different mediums before I found my own way of expressing myself.

    My sewing craze began a few years ago when I started making plush cats out of felt -which I call "chats chiffons". Then I started making other things out of felt, monsters, etc. A couple years ago I also started reconstructing my t-shirts, because I was fed up with band shirts always designed for guys and wanted to look feminine while still rocking my favourite bands shirts.

    I am a total beginner at sewing and I learn alone -which means I make a lot of mistakes and I'm probably not doing things "according to the rules" but hey, that's how you learn isn't it?

    My mother in law taught me how to knit about a year ago and I've made a few things since, mostly accessories. I also taught myself to crochet and have made a few plushes...

    Well, that's it for now, you'll get to know more about me on the forums
    It's a dark world!

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    Hi there and welcome to the CF!! Nice to have another fiber artist around - see you in the knitting section!


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      Bonjour & !!
      Ali x

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        Bonjour and welcome to the forum, i am looking forward to seeing your crafts
        I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!