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Hello, my name is Nadia, Frenchie just arrived in London

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  • Hello, my name is Nadia, Frenchie just arrived in London

    Hello all !

    Hope you are well. First i hope you will understand my bad english !
    I'm from France and just arrived in LOndon in orderto live an "english experience" with my husband.

    I work on my own from french people, i'm a wedding dress and corset maker The name of my little compagny is " La Fée Corsetée " (maybe we can say : the fairy with the corset). I bigan this 5 years ago, i still have my workspace in Cannes, and go there once a month in order to see my costumers.

    It' s not easy but, it's also great to do that for a while.
    Actually I work in my kitchen in London ! But i really want to meet people how have the same point of interests like me :-)

    Ho, and i have a guinea pig ! Her name is Lyne !

    Hope read you soon !
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    my facebook page :

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    Welcome Nadia. Lovely to see you here and don't worry about your English, its better than mine. Look forward to talking to you.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Hi, and welcome! Hope you have lots of fun chatting here!

      My children had guinea pigs many years ago - they are such cute pets!


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        Hello Nadia and welcome to England and the forum.

        Jo xx
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          Welcome to the forum You shouldn't worry about your English, you should see how bad my French is! It's good enough to find 'la gare' or 'la musee' when I'm on holiday, but that's as far as it goes really!!
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            Bonjour Nadia et bienvenue.
            I'm sure you'll quickly find friends and like minds in London but if you do get sad and lonely or feel lost, stay on this forum and chat to us. My daughter in law makes corsets as does my friend, a Medieval Goth in the next village and my mum is we have something in common. Unfortunately I don't live in London but if you ever do get desperate I'm sure we could meet up for coffee and I could show you the fabric and corset supply shops down London's backstreets and introduce you to my crazy costume making friends.
            Annie ( ) Anna ( ).


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              Welcome to the forum
              I used to have Guinea Pigs - they're sooo cute!
              I hope you enjoy your time in England.


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                Welcome to the forum Nadia.

                I also have guinea pigs and also two cats and tropical fish, a bit of a zoo really!!

                Hope you have lots of fun here.

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                  Welcome to the Forum, and don't worry about your English, I have no trouble understanding your post.



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                    Hi all !!

                    Many thanks for all your answer ! You are very kind.
                    Hope meet some of you really one day !

                    It's curious how much of you have guinea pigs ! It was just a funny stuff to talk to you about my little Lyne but i saw that you enjoyed !

                    If people are in london, just say it :-)

                    You can see my work on my signature.

                    Have a good evening
                    my website :
                    my facebook page :


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                      Wow! I love your dresses!