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  • Hi everyone!


    I found this forum by accident yesterday whilst searching for craft fairs in Yorkshire and it's really nice to read that other people out there are as nervous as I am about doing craft fairs!

    I make handmade greetings cards and wedding stationery as a hobby and am now looking into craft fairs after going to a market with a friend and enjoying it. During the day I teach children with Autism and I find making cards is a good way to "turn off".

    I hope to speak you soon


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    Hi Claire I am quite new to this forum too, I also found it by accident. Everyone is really friendly and soo helpful. Hope you enjoy your time here.


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      Hi Claire,

      to the forum, I hope that you enjoy being around.

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        welcome from me too
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          Hello and to the forum from me too!" Sorry I am a bit late welcoming you..don't know how I missed your post. Good luck with your craft fairs.
          Look forward to getting to know you.
          Anice xx
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            Have you managed to find any craft fairs in Yorkshire? I live in Lancashire but my parents still live in Yorkshire so I can make it to some of them! I'm doing the ****ensian weekend at Ligh****er Valley near Ripon at the end of Nov/start of Dec - it's a 4 day one!
            Welcome to the forum by the way!
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              Now I know why the forum has edited out one of my words - lets call it a Victorian weekend then but I have no idea why it has edited Light-water Valley!!
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                Thanks everyone for your messages.
                I haven't found any fairs yet, despite buying all the newspapers in Yorkshire! I'll keep looking - I did find some big ones, but can't afford a massive table price, so may just go to those to have a nosey around!
                Thanks again for the warm welcome
                Claire x