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    Hi All,
    I am new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently awaiting the birth of my first child and have been passing the time by painting canvas art for children. I have done a few designs from rockets to fairies and personalise these with childrens names or birth dates etc. I have really enjoyed it and have decided to try to do some craft fairs to sell my wares. Fingers Crossed!!

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    Hello and welcome to you.
    Your idea sounds fab, do you have any piccies?

    When is baby due?

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      Canvas Paintings

      Hi there,

      I have taken my own little snapshots of the designs that I have done and need to upload these. I have been toying with the idea of setting up a website but with official baby due date being 12th Oct I'm wondering whether I should make that outlay now or wait. Decisions decisions!! Currently I have completed 4 designs but have lots in mind. Its just knowing when to stop I suppose and think ok I have enough to get going now. I had thought of doing craft fairs but I have noticed that quite a few people have come away from these without a sale.
      Oh by the way I have just been on your jewellery website and think its fab. Your designs are so lovely and unique and I am a bit of a jewellery addict so I think I will be looking again later!

      Linz x


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        Thank you very much.
        The site was made by 0103 Media, he's the boss around here.

        Cant wait to see your piccies.
        Hmm, id say if your serious about a site you should do it now while yuo have time before baby comes.Ive heard they can take up alot of time.

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          Looking forward to seeing some of your work, good luck with the baby!
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            Hi and to the forum!

            Be nice to see some of your work when you are able to post images!

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              and hello from me too!

              Do your site now cos kids take up a lot of time and especially when you think they have a full tummy and should sleep - THEY DON'T!! Well, my first didn't and I was trying to write essays and all sorts and I got very grumpy!!

              Good luck with the arrival