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Hi from the West riding!

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  • Hi from the West riding!

    Hello Everyone, I'm Amy, an early 20's gal who usually lives around Castleford, West Yorks.

    I've pretty much got a very familiar story now a days. I'm unemployed, unable to get a job (100+ applications and counting!) So if anyone knows somewhere that wants a Biology teacher who spe******es in post-compulsory education...

    Anyway I've always loved crafts: textiles, beading, even glass fusing more recently! If I see a craft that I want to try and I can afford it, I go for it It's a bit harder now because I'm having to live in my parent's back bedroom so don't have much space for doing, well anything. They also have this rule that anything I'm doing has to be done after they go to work and gone before they come home, which means I only get from 2-10pm to do crafts in any kind of space (or do baking)

    Luckily I've managed to get together enough stuff to do my first craft fair! It'll be on the 12th of November at Hemsworth community Centre Please come say hi if you're about!

    Nice to meet you all and I look forward to hanging out around here

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    Welcome to the forum
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      Hi Amy

      to the forum & good luck with your first fair. Having a limited time to craft does help to focus the mind a little so see it as an opportunity!
      Ali x

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        Hi and welcome to the forum. Wish you all the luck at your craft fair and look forward to seeing your work.


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          Hi Amy and welcome to the forum, good luck with your upcoming craft fair.

          Jo xx
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            Originally posted by Amy_w View Post
            So if anyone knows somewhere that wants a Biology teacher who spe******es in post-compulsory education...

            Oh...why is that word starred out? I didn't realise the missing letters constituted a swear word... or is it an anti spamming thing?



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              hehe, will see ya tomorrow hun, ive been through the exact same thing as you months ago with unemployment, ive never worked a full time job and now im back at my old job till after xmas when they lay me off like they have been doing on and off for around 3 years now, its not fun without any money we can have a good natter tomorrow anyways and btw if you didnt get a call from town council you need to bring a tablecloth! bye for now x
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                I have a nice tablecloth all ready to go! well, technically two, but who's counting as long as I bring one?