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  • Hello there

    Hello all, I'm Frances. F/T mum of 2. I've been crafting since a child but have only given as gifts or sold things to friends. I'm having my first craft stall in a few weeks so came on here looking for some hints and tips.
    Happy Friday

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    Welcome Frances. Nice to see you here. What crafts do you do? There are lots of threads on here about Craft Fairs so do have a look around. Many members do them regularly and I am sure the will have some useful tips for you.
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      Welcome Frances. From your posting name I presume you are from Kent, well so am I. What sort of crafts are you creating? Any items you are proud of can be added to your photo gallery so we can see and appreciate as well.

      Best of luck with your first craft fair and hope you find some useful tips in setting up and handling customers.



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        Hello and welcome to the forum. Good luck with your first craft stall, hope it goes well.

        Jo xx
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          Hi Frances

          to the forum. Have a search on here (use the search box top right) for posts which have already been made with lots of hints and tips.

          Don't forget that you need to be registered with HMRC as self employed as soon as you sell anything, if you haven't done this already. It would also be worth looking up Public Liability Insurance if you don't have this already as you will need it if you are going to do fairs.

          Good luck with your first fair - it is scary but if you plan well in advance, you will have a great time.
          Ali x

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            Hi welcome to the forum and good luck with the fair.


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              Hello and welcome from me. I'm looking forw\rd to seeing your work. Good luck with the craft fair.



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                Hi Frances,
                welcome to the forum
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                  thanks for the welcomes, yes from Kent . I do allsorts but mainly papercrafts. This fair I'll be doing 3d pictures, cards and craft packs for kids. I also make jewellery but dabble in most stuff to be honest. The organiser contacted me actually re insurance last night so I've popped on here to see what to do. Thanks again for the welcomes, will pop up some photos when I have a minute.
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                    Hello and welcome Frances. what kind of gifts do you make. lol I look forward to seeing them Love Karamiaxx
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                    you can also look on facebook page Karamia Kards