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Hello! Ugandan African crafts from Sheffield

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  • Hello! Ugandan African crafts from Sheffield


    Just introducing myself on this forum. I recently spent time volunteering at an arts project called the Dewe School of Art in Uganda and have brought back a range of pieces that are made by people at the project. They make these crafts to sell locally and some artists also use the premises to make more experimental hi-end artworks. I have brought a selection back to the UK to try and help promote the excellent work they do and also raise funds to help keep the project going.

    They make a range of crafts from the more regular banana leaf baskets and plates to highly valuable hand made works such as mahogany scupltures and bark cloth lamps.

    I have had some success selling products at Sheffield farmer markets but I am really interested in developing something more long term and sustainable.

    I'd be interested to find other forum members who want to talk about the following:
    • People who are particularly interested in African art and crafts
    • People who are interested in hi-end practical artworks (e.g. hand made barkcloth lampshades and bags) which are almost invaluable.
    • Anyone who might be interested in visiting the project as a volunteer. You could learn a lot of different craft making skills such as basket making, printing, carving.
    • Anyone who would like to collaborate on something africa specific such as a market stall or exhibition.
    I am doing everything out of my own pocket so don't have a lot of money to throw around which is why I would like to find people and organisations who may be able to help develop this over a longer period.

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    Hi Dewe, I assume you have exhausted the usual avenues, ie, shared earth and fair trade shops etc. Some charities sell this type of thing you could maybe look into those.
    Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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      (The Anna me sells handcrafted things from South America )
      Hi Dewe, you are not alone but seem to have a big problem. If you were historical like my Annie self ( you'd have a place to gather with like minded people. We have a forums and portals and dedicated craft fairs. I have watched them grow from nothing and have had a hand in setting up a couple. They all need people to get together and have bright ideas. 'We' started before the Web with but didn't know what the 'others' were doing. Now with e-connecting we're on a roll. It's not the same person doing everything. Each individual has their own drive and s p e c i a l i s t interests, but we've e-joined up.

      There are others out there doing what you are doing. I really think you should be joined up somehow. I have searched online but can find no African craft hub.
      Others I have met include:
      a girl on this forum I've chatted to recently. I had a stall at a craft fair next to a lady who worked at the BBC who travelled back and forth to a women's refuge project and there is a collection of African crafters who have got organised locally, in London, that I met at a Brazilian Festival.
      If you had been historical I would have quickly found you everyone's email addy and left you to connect. Unfortunately the BBC lady and the London ladies gave me flyers. Business cards I usually keep, flyers kick around then get recycled.
      I'll have a dig around and see if I can turn anything up.
      Meanwhile let me plant the seed of an idea in your head. Why not create an e-hub?


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        Love this e- stuff. Got the girl I was chatting to. It's Nic and she's here!


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          Ah ha! I got my London ladies and forgot about a fair raising money for an African charity.

          The fair organiser is Claire from

          The London lady is Ola Mustapha

          [email protected]
          [email protected]

 (An award winning event)