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Lots of Ugandan jewellery to sell for charity!

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  • Lots of Ugandan jewellery to sell for charity!

    Hi everyone, in July I visited Uganda to do some voluntary work in some schools. Whilst out there a couple of friends and I started up a slum-outreach project, called Never Lose Hope Uganda. Whilst out there we have helped several kids out of the slums and into housing. some of them now go to school too. They make jewellery from paper beads, which they also make, and sell at their local market. Between my friends and I we brought back loads of this jewellery, with a view to selling it to raise money for the kids.

    We have so far been unsuccessful in finding a stall on which we can sell the jewellery and wooden sculptures. I'm running out of ideas! Car boot sale is my next idea but would much prefer a craft fair, as these pieces have taken time and effort and deserve better.

    We are based in Bristol but are willing to travel. If anyone could help in any way I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you,


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    I have sent you a PM. You can access it by clicking on the blue highlight in the top red bar.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Go into La Ruca in the Gloucester Road. It's a really yummy cafe. It's populated by folk who have been through some pretty hard knocks. It's run by Auntie Patti (or Patricia to you). They are Chilean but a deprived kid's a deprived kid on any continent. Ask her if she'll let you have a shelf or a picture frame that's a cabinet to advertise your cause. She already does it for other my daughter in law hence the Auntie bit .
      No, but, she's famous for being nice and helping out the hopeless.

      Next thing - go searching for UK Ugandan, Kenyan, anything vaguely connected, links. You'll find there are loads of people like you doing the same thing and there are African themed craft fairs. I only know about a London based lot who approached me at a South American fair and somewhere I have a card of a girl working for the BBC helping abused women in..... in..... can't remember...could have been Uganda. Selling their stuff like you are doing.

      Then dig about for International Markets. There's a load of organisers who do them but they tend to monopolise different areas of the country so you'll need to find yours. If you ask nicely they'll often give a free pitch to a charity.

      The only way I know these things is because I have stalls at craft fairs and I'm quite chatty and talk to people. Getting your foot in the door of craft fairing is hard but don't give up. Make the organisers know you exist and they might call you in hen a stal holder falls sick. Get hold of your local school's PTAs. They are all organising their Xmas fairs now and usually can spill out into corridors if they are over subscribed.

      Failing all that poke about the London Market websites. I know Spitalfields do deals for newtimers and students and dead days. £15 a stall last time I looked. Pack everything into a suitcase and spend a day in London.

      Just realised you don't know me from Adam (or Eve) I'm Anna of in this instance.