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  • Help Please!!!!

    Hi, everyone, this is my first of many post i hope, I am thinking of opening up a craft shop, have been going to markets etc over the past year or so, but really want some advice from anyone who can help. There appears to be a mountain of different companies to choose from, Docrafts (though they seem really expensive with the start-up costs), Trimcraft, Impex and so on, i would like to stock paper and card like in pick n mix format, there appears to be two versions Payper Box and Papercellar, though i have noticed that the Payper Box version is their choice instead of yours, i want to be able to choose my own stock not be told what i can choose. Can anyone recommend the best way forward!

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    I deal with paper box, i dont have a stand i just chose my own card when I want it, they send me samples every 3 or 4 weeks and i choose from them. Dont deal with docrafts as they only seem interested in looking after the very large retailers, plus you can buy there stuff everywhere.
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      Hello and Dawn.

      Can't help you on the craft shop front I'm afraid, but I wish you the best of luck with it. Any idea which area you would like to open in?

      Best of luck



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        Hi and welcome.

        Can't help with the card but as a customer i prefer the paper cellar card. As for a wholesaler, try and get one thats an all rounder and sells a bit of everything to get you started otherwise your ordering from many suppliers, having to meet there minimum orders and it can get very expensive.

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