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New crafter from the Emerald Isle

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  • New crafter from the Emerald Isle

    Hi all!

    I'm new to any crafting forums but so glad to get to chat to "seasoned" Crafters

    I was wondering if anyone out there know of any craft fairs in Ireland? I have never sold my cards before except by word of mouth but would like to give it a go? Thanks

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    Hi Lofty

    Welcome to the Forum. Not sure if it covers Ireland, but worth having a look on the Stallfinder website, also check out local schools, tourist sites as they often carry information about future events.

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      Thanks JKS..I will do that. So easy to find excuses not to do it but I'm going to bite the bullet!


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        Hello lofty & the forum

        I am based in NI, there is a few craft fairs up here, most seem to be over the spring/ summer months. The also seemed to get book up very quickly. You could also check out the National Trust - they would have some.

        Not sure about South ?
        I would also check out stall finders as Jill has suggested

        Good luck with your search

        Best wishes
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          welcome to the forum - I hope you find it useful! Lucy xxx
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            Hi Sara, thanks for the info. When you say they book up quickly, are you talking about booking weeks or months in advance? yes the National Trust is great and there is one next month in Florencecourt House outside Enniskillen. Will ring them but from what you say, its probably booked out.


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              Thanks Lucy! Hope so too.


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                Welcome. Sarah is right, was busy before the summer break, hopefully will pick up again coming up to Christmas. Have you considered taking a small workshop and selling off the back of that?
                Jan x

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                  No I havnt..Sorry for being obtuse but do you mean to hold a workshop? That sounds promising but dont know if I have the confidence yet


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                    How's it all going?!?

                    sorry i can't help you on the Ireland craft fair front, but i'm sure something will turn up!

                    Good luck

                    Zoe x


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                      Hi Zoe, thanks for the reply Wll I do intend to persevere regardless!


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                        Yes. Try it with a group of friends/relatives coming up to Christmas. That should help your confidence. You could get them to bring a friend.
                        Jan x

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                          Welcome to the forum!!
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                            To start with fair organisers do not know you exist so you need to let them know you are there.
                            Easiest way is to spend time going to any fairs that catch your eye. Admire someone's work (preferably not cards!) and get chatting about how you make cards and are thinking of selling , what's this fair like and who is the organiser? Now you have a name you go round saying "Have you seen Jo, Jack, Joanna, Jacky, whatever," and track them down. Introduce yourself, hand out a flyer and business card and hope they put you on their list for the next fair. Just be conscious that they'll ask old hands first and only think of you when they get drop outs.
                            Back to the stall holders. More chatting, more admiring, and say something lovely like a friend would love this work, where's their next fair going to be? Bingo. Go online and track the organiser down and tell them you exist.

                            Schools. Ask the secretaries for the Parent's Association (or equivalent) person's address. Send them a lovely letter asking them to consider you for their next fair.

                            Hospitals. Ask the receptionist if they ever let people put a table up in the foyer or a corridor, to sell to visitors.

                            You can trapse round shops but I find all that rejection soul destroying.

                            There's the phone a friend tactic, where you offer to help out a neighbouring crafter in exchange for a bit of space on thie table.

                            The best and laziest thing I ever did was get my name of Stallfinder. The fairs come to you! Feet up! It's what your right hand's for: picking up the phone! Job done!

                            Caniving or go getting? I've stopped being bovvered as I salve my conscience by buying all my presents at craft fairs.
                            Have fun


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                              Hello and to the forum.

                              AnnieAnna is right, getting chatting to other crafters is a great way of hearing about upcoming fairs and good organisers but I also totally agree that Stallfinder is a great way to get organisers coming to you - it can often be pretty last minute which is a problem for me as I am pretty booked up these days but perfect when you are starting out. If you are prepared to travel a little further to fairs, this opens up more opportunities than trying to stick to your immediate area.

                              Good luck - once you get a foot in the door with organisers and step onto the craft fair rollercoaster, things will all start to fall into place - it just takes a little time at first.
                              Ali x

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