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    Hi i'm new to the forum,i'm lucy and i'm from hull. i make polymer clay beads which i then use to make pieces of jewellery.
    if anyone hears of any craft fairs local to hull please let me know, as most people seem to find it is hard getting into fairs. i've been trading for a year now and have more contacts now from meeting other crafters at fairs, most are very friendly and are happy to share advice, but some don't like new people. so all new crafters don't give in, i have my good and bad days but as long as i make my table money...

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    Hello Lucy - welcome to the forum

    Sorry can't help with Craft fairs in Hull, I am sure somebody on here will be able to help you out with that , everybody on here is very helpful so good luck with the business.

    Kind regards
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      Hi Lucy

      Welcome to the forum

      Might be worth having a look on the Stallfinder website for events close to you:

      Good luck

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        I am in South Cave and also do polymer. Hull is hardly the Craft Capital of the world. The fairs are poor round hull, I'd look a bit further afield into the East Riding, but even there they can be tough going. Where in Hull are you?
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          Hi Lucy and to the CraftsForum. Lots of friendly helpful people on here to chat to. Jewellery makers always have a problem getting established on the craft fiar circut these days there are so many of us. One organiser on here said I think that 50% of her applicants were for jewellery and the good organisers will have limited numbers of each craft at any one time, not only for the benifit of the makers, but the public don't want to go to a craft fair and just see a majority of jewellery or cards for example.

          Sometimes it's a case of just being persistant. Attend the fairs you would like to be at and make contact face to face with the organiser, take some of your jewellery to show and ask to go on a waiting list if there are no vacancies at the moment. Do this with as many as you can and hopefully one or two will come up trumps.

          Good Luck.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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            Hi all! i'm Allen and i'm also new to the forum. I'm from Barnstaple and i'm a stone mason. I've spent a few years dabbling with art and now i'm putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. I've sold quite a few pieces and had commissions so slowly getting my reputation out there. I've found a type of natural stone I love working so keep an eye out for me in the future!
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              Hiya Lucy and Allen!

              Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately im not aware of any craft fairs in Hull, i think you will need to look further afield.

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                Hi I'm on Willerby Rd, what type of polymer clay do you do? Do you do the farmers market inSouth Cave?


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                  Thanks for eveyones nice comments, its great to find somewhere with other crafters were you can ask for advice or just chat...


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                    Welcome to the forum!
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                      Hi I'm on Willerby Rd, what type of polymer clay do you do? Do you do the farmers market inSouth Cave?
                      I use a bit of everything. Skulpy is my at the moment favourite. how about you?
                      Yes I do the South Cave FM. Have you been?
                      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                        Hi Lucy,

                        Welcome to the forum, I'm another poylmer clay addict - I can't get enough of the stuff!!!

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