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Hi everyone - new to this site

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  • Hi everyone - new to this site

    Hi, just came across this site today. I started scrapbooking 3 years ago when my little girl was born, but quickly changed to card making. I have just designed my website, so that is now up an running. Google ellieshells to have a peek.

    I get fed up going into town looking for a particular item for my card or scrapbook page and cannot find it, just a simple happy birthday peel off and my local colemans doesn't have them. So...........

    I want to take it a step further, and as my town has very little in shops etc in this field, thought I would try a market stall. So have invested a little money in some stock and will see how things go?!!

    Love to hear from fellow crafters and maybe some of you live in the northampton area (wellingborough) - you never know.

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    Hi Michelle and welcome to the forum. I'm a card maker too and started scrapbooking but only done 3

    Hope your market venture goes well
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      Hi Michelle

      I'm new aswell - well done on getting your on market pitch that is so great I would love to do that!



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        and hello from me too!

        Good luck with the market stall - you will have to let us know how you get on!


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          Hi Michelle!

          Welcome to here, you are great.

          What is your site?

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            Hello and welcome from me too! Good luck with the stall.



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              Hello and to the forum. Good for you getting started with your stall. You have seen a need and done something about it, well done. There are a few of us with our own craft businesses so you are amongst people who understand when you need to talk!! Enjoy your time here.
              Anice xx
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                Hiya Michelle and to the forum!

                Know what you mean about trying to find decent cards and hats off to all you crafts that make them!

                Went into woolies yesterday and I needed a morgage to buy the cards! My own fault really because I kept telling myself to get somebody to make them and now I've run out of time!!

                Must remember and get 'stocked' up for next year!

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                  Hallo Michelle,
                  Welcome to the forum and it is so nice to meet someone who - like many here - think with their feet. That is, do something practical and aspirational with their ideas and aspirations. very best of luck in your ventures, Larry with applausefroot
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                    Hi Everyone

                    Thank you for your kind and welcoming replies.

                    Sorry I didn't realise I could include my website address, some forums don't let you. But I haven't made 25 posts yet, if you google ellieshell, at the bottom of the page will be my website.

                    If you have any comments - good or bad, please let me know.



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                      Hello and welcome to the forum.

                      Small world Im from Wellingborough! Just up queensway, im here at the mo but im moving to Southend
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