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Hi folks!

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  • Hi folks!

    My name is Pete, and I'm a writer and author who writes about arts, crafts and creative business topics.

    I'm keen to find out what the 'hot' topics are for crafts makers - especially in relation to developing your businesses.

    I'm still learning the ropes, so please feel free to make suggestions or comments as to how best I can contribute to the community.

    Thanks, Pete Mosley

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    Hi Pete, Welcome to the forum. The forum is run strictly for crafters and those organisations who help crafters distribute their wares, i.e. Craft Fair Organisers. I am not quite sure where you will fit in, although writing itself is a craft. I expect you have already read the rules, especially those pertaining to advertising, (Cough, cough), and I am absolutely certain that a lot of our members have many varied opinions on developing their respective businesses but it is up to them whether or not they wish to discuss these with you.
    The validity of your membership is being discussed by the Mods and if we have any problems with it we will get back to you.
    God helps them that help themselves.