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Huge hellos to the Crafting universe!!

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  • Huge hellos to the Crafting universe!!

    Well good evening to anybody reading this, hope you're all having a lovely day, wherever you are in the world.

    Anyway, im Netty, im disabled and a 28 yr old mother of one. My daughter Katie-Alice is just like me and LOVES crafting!
    Ive been searching for the right sort of craft forum for a long time and after looking round here for a couple of days think (and hope!) ive found it
    As I cant get out very easily or for very long my crafting keeps my mind away from what im missing outside.

    I love card making, things for the wall sometimes painting when im in the mood.

    I sincerly hope I make alot of friends on here, especially anyone who lives in or around Cheltenham, Glos.
    Id love to become part of a local craft club or just meet up for a brew and chat some day.

    Have a great day & happy crafting

    Netty xxx

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    Hi Netty and welcome I'm fairly new here too - glad you are enjoying your crafts. I do more jewellery and crochet but come Christmas I do make my own cards.


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      and a big hello Netty. Yes, you most certainly will make lots of friends. One of the nice things about this forum is that there is nearly always someone on, day and night so someone to talk to. Loads of information too. If you need any help you just ask.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Hello and welcome.

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          Hi Netty, hope your day is great too!
          CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things



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            Hi Netty

            to the forum.
            Ali x

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              Hello Netty and welcome to the forum.

              The only time I make my cards is at Christmas, but I'll start thinking about that soon as I usually make about 80!
              Annie and Lyn


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                Thank you SO much for all the replies! It warmed my heart to see so many people saying hello
                Im already thinking that Im gonna be addicted to this place pretty soon lol

                Crafting love to everyone who reads this xxxxxxxxx


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                  Hi there - and a BIG WELCOME!!


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                    Welcome to the forum!! You'll have to be careful you don't get too addicted to the forum, otherwise you'll lose crafting time!
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                      Ooooo thats a point actually! Forum addiction = less time with my paper and scissors!!!
                      MUST BE BALANCED!!! lol

                      and thank you again everyone :-D



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                        Welcome to the forum. Balance is the key in all things. The forum is a good place to meet like-minded peeps.

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