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Newbie to the Forum needing space rental adivce!

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  • Newbie to the Forum needing space rental adivce!

    Hi all,

    Not used a forum before, so I'm new to all this! I hope I do it right!

    I am currently creating my own jewellery, and running a market stall to sell my work, but I am looking at opening a shop, and I want to rent out a couple of shelves at a time, rather than charging any commission.

    I wondered whether any of you on here currently rent spaces in a shop/gallery, and how much you pay for how long?

    I'm wanting to put a contract together to cover both me and the client, so if anyone had a contract they use either to rent space out themselves or the people who do the renting!

    Thanks so much for any help that may come about!!


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    Welcome Mrs. Jacko. I have sent you a PM (Private Message). you can pick it up by clicking on the small blue bit which is not showing on the right of the red band at the top of the page. Nothing to worry about.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      I've thought about it. The shop I got the furthest with was going to charge me £10 a week. I popped in to check it out. It was in a fantastic location but it looked a mess. Stuff displayed without an eye to design, notices handwritten with any old colour felt pens and spelling mistakes, and I walked away when told my stuff wouldn't be insured at night because they couldn't afford it.

      The ones I've seen work successfully for several years were, first, a ramshackle 'antique' shop. It was several rooms so could have one with a crafty theme, one full of pottery, one with toys etc. That was a joy to shop in.
      The other one was a neat little village shop with matching bookshelves and cabinets. That was crafts and antiques as well but everything was small scale and carefully made or restored. I didn't buy as many things from them as the prices were higher.


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        I have space to rent in my new shop opening 3rd March if any one across the UK is interested!
        My terms are easy in easy out, fiver a week in four weekly installments in advance with no commission and it works great for me and my team xxxx
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