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  • Hellooooo Everyone


    My name is Ems, i am totally new to forums ;-) I love crafting and making something out of nothing! I make loads of different goodies.

    I've joined here to try and find some new ideas and make some new buddies who share the same interests as me as none of my friends are into anything like this. I'm based in Coal Aston near Sheffield and i'm looking to also talk to people who have done craft fairs as it's something i have never done but would love too give it a go.

    Have a fab creative day everyone Ems xxx

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    Welcome to the forums and let us know what you do. Its great to talk with like minded people as often we have friends who aren't interested in things we do but put up with us droning on about it. Have fun.


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      Welcome to the forum!


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        Hi Ems, welcome, this really is a great place. I am fairly new myself and have already gained valuable feedback and informative information. Can'thelp you with craft fairs up in that part of the world. i live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
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          Thanks for all your replies and welcomes ;-) Hope your all having a fab day today. I'm just off out for a bit to mug the family of unwanted broken bits of jewellery and unwanted textiles. Iv'e had them all on a sort out! They are great for sourcing unusual bits! It's true one man's trash is another man's treasure and as my nan has more money than sense but has fantastic taste so it's all good!

          I make accessories like corsages and facinators, Jewellery made from beads, wires and threads, Cards & Stationary, Wedding favours, Hair slides & Bobbles, Handbags, Scrap Books & Diaries, Rugs and anything else i fancy making.

          I will upload some piccys of my bits n bobs later on ;-) xxx


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            Welcome to the forum
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