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Saying 'Hello, I'm new here' to all the lovely 'Virtual Crafters' :-)

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  • Saying 'Hello, I'm new here' to all the lovely 'Virtual Crafters' :-)

    Hi My name Is Kellianne, Kal for short and I am just about to turn my hobby into a business. I have had to give up work due to my wonky head (Bi-Polar Affective Disorder) getting wonkier.

    Anyway I am falling back on a skill I have. I trained in Paris when I was a teenager as a Boulager de Practique (baker lol) and have been baking french style ever since. So I am hopefully (waiting to hear) going to have a stall at a local market and am going to be 'craft fairing'

    I am full up for fairs for Sept, I am looking for craft fairs in October Nov and Dec 2011 at the moment in Staffordshire, South Cheshire, Shropshire, North and West Derbyshire, North Birmingham and North wales. However ... I can't afford to pay £200 for a table at a country hall etc, because I a not going to be able to make enough (all fresh you see) to make it worth while so £40 a table is my absolute limit.

    Any help at all is really appreciated :-) Thanks so very very much guys.

    Look forward to chatting with you all

    Kal xxxxxxxx

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    Hi Kal and welcome to the forum


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      Kal. Good to see you here. I might also add that there is nothing virtual about my crafting, I've got real stuff laying all around the house much to my OH's disaproval. lol. He certainly wishes it was virtual sometimes though.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Welcome to the forum, good luck in your new venture. I'm sure you'll love being a part of this community.


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          I know Crtichley :-) luckily my OH gets to eat my errors so not too much complaint LOL Thanks to everyone for the welcome :-)))


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            Hi Kal

            to the forum & good luck with your new business. Have you looked at for fairs in the months you haven't booked up yet?
            Ali x

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              Hellooooooo! Good to make you aquantance. I'm also quite new here too.


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                Hi Kal =- I know someone who started up baking as a skill turned profession and she started up at local Farmers Markets rather than Craft fairs - maybe that's worth a try - you can get card made up, get a free website going (read up on your SEO skills first) and then your start up might not be so high (I have no idea what the going rate is for Farmers Markets).

                deb xx
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                  Ooh, French baking. Sounds very posh! If you need me to be a taster I'll be more than happy to oblige

                  Welcome to the forum!!
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                    OK Indri, you're on! Oh but you'll have to join the queue after my OH and my Lil peeps .... Oh and they will probably wrestle you for the leftovers lol, but you are welcome to try!!!


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                      Great Idea Debs, Thanks. Will look into it today :-) xxxx