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*waves frantically* hellooooooooo !

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  • *waves frantically* hellooooooooo !

    Hi all ,

    Just found you all by searching " craft forum " & you were the top one so... here i am **giggles**

    I recently bought some dummyclips & keychains as a thank you teacher present for my son to give his reception class teacher & due to the fact my son has now demanded around 15 of these things for himself i decided to make my own soooooooo i've bought 1000 beads in various colour, grosgrain 9mm ribbon in about 25 diff colours/patterns, split rings & the nickel free clips for dummy ones. I need the press stud fasteners, alphabet cubes & i believe some sort of wire for threading the beads on to the ribbon, i " think " that is it . I've already got family after at least 30! Not including what my son wants or the extras i want for my younger son too.

    Ive been looking at different peoples clips & some of them are soooo nice, Hopefully i've joined the right place to get help or a tutorial maybe or advice where best to buy stock.

    Thank you , xxxxxxx

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    Hi Lynn welcome to the forum. for stockists etc best place is ebay or the web, we are not allowed to advertise our own stock on here, not that I have any anyways, as for demo tutorials etc try youtube, you will be surprised what videos there are on there,

    Someone may come along who knows exactly where you can get them from tho.

    do post some pics when you've made them. I'm curious to see what they look like.
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      Ive already searched you tube & they don't seem to have the dummyclips/keychains that i want to make, searched online & they bring up different ones but i'll keep trying.
      Yes ebay is where i bought most of my stock from bar a lass on facebook. There is just little part of the keychain i don't quite know how it'll work but i guess i will when i try myself


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        Welcome to the forum. I can't help, I have no idea with jewellery stuff. I'm more of a pa[percrafter though have been dipping into knitting lately. Try asking on the jewellery/beading section for any advice.
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          Thank you.
          I've been buying more grosgrain ribbon this aft, so far ive 39mtrs of various colours/patterns on order, struggling with suitable boys ribbons bar plain or spotty blues. Everything has pink in it haha.

          Going to look through the forum shortly see what i find x