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hi everyone, new here

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  • hi everyone, new here

    Just saying hello, I joined a week or so ago and have been lurking around doing alot of reading, but only just plucked up the courage to say hi.

    I'm very much a beginner in candle making so will be pestering you all with questions and advise .
    I don't get out of the house much as I care for my hubby who's had a stroke. Time and money is in short supply but thought i could get some me time with a new hobby.
    That's about all from me, Rhos

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    Hello Rhos!
    A hobby is just the thing for 'me' time - and it's great to be able to 'speak' to like-minded crafters so easily on here isn't it?
    Annie and Lyn


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      Hi Rhos welcome to the forum. dont be afraid to join in the chatter, mind you, you will need to be quick to get a word in edgeways sometimes. there are plenty of chatterboxes around here. but do ask any questions you like and someone will come along and answer it.
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        Hi Rhos,

        Welcome to the forum. I think it is fantastic that you have a hobby which is all so important. I started making cards over 2 years ago as a way of relaxing; it has been a great source of therapy over the years and brought a lot of pleasure for me making them and the people who receive them.

        Good luck with your candle making.

        Kind regards,
        Couture Card Creations


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          Welcome to the forum Rhos,

          I think you'll find this a great place for interesting information, and just a bit if a chat. Good luck with your candle making. Hope you will join in the many discussions on here.


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            Many thanks for the lovely warm welcome.
            Everyone seems so happy and helpful, i'm looking forward to joining in and ofcourse asking lots of questions


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              Hey, also new around here, but it seems very friendly and fun. Hope to see some of your creations in the future! xx


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                Hi, and welcome! Hope you'll find candle making to be lots of fun and even a little relaxing! Scroll on down to the candlemaking section and have a good trawl through all the "getting started" threads and then start asking questions! Don't be shy!