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Introducing myself, well a bit late anyway. :o)

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  • Introducing myself, well a bit late anyway. :o)

    Hi Craft Forum.
    Just joined this forum, which is my first attempt at forum stuff and I have been told that I should of introduced myself first.... oooops sorry. Here goes:
    My name is Steve Smith and I live in North Yorkshire, England. I create beautiful kiln fired glass jewellery from Dichroic glass and recycled glass. These I sell at affordable prices on the web and mostly at craft fairs. I have a shared use of my partners studio (Inspired by Script) in which I design and create my jewellery.
    Well I am not sure what else to put in here so thats it for now.
    Kindest regards

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    Welcome to the forum, your jewellerey sounds lovely. I'm sure you'll love the forum.


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      Welcome to the forum - we love glass stuff - are you going to post some photos of your pieces?
      Annie and Lyn


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        Hi Harmonias.
        Thank you for the welcome. Being new to forums it going to take a bit of time to get used to how they work. I'll get there!!!!


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          Thank you Annie and Lyn.
          I agree with you, I love working with glass, I have the scars to proove

          Pictures will be added as well as links to my blog. As I am not allowed to put links on here until I have 25 posts it might take a while so if you want to have a look just google my craft forum name, that should get you their.
          Thanks again


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            Steve you can add photos to your album on here so everyone can see your work straight away.

            welcome by the way
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              Thank you. I will have a go tonight. )


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                Hiya. Here are a few pictures of my creation.

                These are just a small selection of my kilning work. I totally love making this glitzy jewellery and wish I had more time to make more. Hope you all like what I've created. Kind regards Steve


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                  I obviously have done something wrong with my pictures as you have to click on them to view. I thought they would show as small thumbnail pics. oooops must try harder I here you saying... lol


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                    Hi Steve,

                    Couldn't wait for the pics so found your website! - lovely stuff

                    Was up in Northallerton yesterday on a nostalgia tour (born there rather a few too many years ago!); wish I'd seen this before and I would have popped in

                    Catherine (another Yorkshire tyke)
                    CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things


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                      OMG what a small world we live in. Glad you liked my work and you on a nostagia trip again drop in and see us. Just had a look at your etsy page, wow great really mad me smile. )


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                        Hi Steve and to the Crafts Forum. Lots of friendly helpful people on here to chat to. BTW you can add you website to your signature straight away of you want to.

                        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                          Hi Mo.
                          Thanks for the info and the warm welcome. I'm still trying to get the hang of this site. Sometimes I thing I am such a oldie who cant cope with anything I will get there someday.