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  • Making an entrance...

    Hopefully in the right place...! I read the new members thread, and fingers crossed that I've understood the rules correctly. I apologise in advance if I've inadvertently done something wrong.

    Abigail, 21 and I make cards. Very small little enterprise, mostly borne out of enjoying creating things and needing/wanting a focus for that. Without it, I don't do nearly enough arty stuff as I like to. With it, I still don't get around to doing quite the amount of stuff I mean to. Got myself a fair dollop of mental health issues when they were handing out stuff at the gates to Earth, and art is a great outlet for dealing with anxiety and crap days.

    Please let me know if I'm over-sharing or in the wrong place (Room-wise. I'm fairly certain that I have the correct forum... this is for World of Warcraft enthusiasts, right? )

    Anyway, hi all - hope to "meet" some of you soon.

    Abby x

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    Hello Abby and to the forum


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      Hi Abby and welcome. It sounds like you'll fit in well here.

      I think there's quite a few of us understand that need for creativity.
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        Abby. Share away dear. We all 'share' here from trime to time as you will find out. Who knows, you might even be encouraged to pick up another craft to help fill those anxious moments. Look forward to chatting.
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          A warm to the forum from me too
          Lisa x

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            Hi Abby

            to the forum!
            Ali x

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              Welcome Abby, you'll probably find lots of people to share with here.

              I'm quite new and everyone seems really friendly and happy to help, answer questions and support each other.

              You'll get asked for pictures of your creations - we're all quite nosy
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                Whoo hoo! *waves* Welcome to the forum.

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                  Hi Abby and welcome to the forum.


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                    Wow, thank you all for the warm welcome.

                    I notice that some of you share the various pages and sites that you run in your signatures - is that limited to certain level members or is anyone able to? I know a fair amount of forums don't like you linking to other sites.

                    Stef C - yay for rural Glos!

                    -- sorry, have now found the rules and know the answer -- thanks!
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