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    Hi, my name is Adam I live in London and I am a qualified jeweller. I have been in the trade for 8 years now and have reached the point of designing and (hopefully) selling my work. I'm looking for any advice for someone who is starting out, no matter how small it will be greatly appreciated as i'm not entirely sure what the best way of going about this is. Hope your all okay!!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I presume you have been employed for the past 8 years. If you are going to start on your own, whether still employed or not, you must register with HM Customs and Revenue (your local tax office).

    The best place to start would be Business Link, a free government business advice service.

    Much will depend upon what type of jewellry you intend to make, but again I presume it will be gold or silver. Also you must remember to keep an eye on your turnover as it is easy to breach the VAT threshold for a quarterly period.

    If you search this site you will find plenty of similar threads on starting out with other advice.