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  • Hello - I'm new here

    Hello - as the title says, I'm new here

    I have recently started a tapestry kit and try and do a little each week - we have a "Stitch and Bitch" group that meet once a week at work, nothing slanderous but a good gossip about bosses, the price of petrol, the latest shoes bought always brightens up a hectic week

    I'm really looking forward to sharing all things craft with everyone, and picking up tips on how to be a better crafter! Tapestry and cross stitch are my limits for now, but I am planning on learning how to knit at some point later this year

    I do have a question: I am hopeless (ridiculously so!) at threading my needle. I am using wool for my tapestry and have tried a needle threader, but the one I have is really long and I find it to awkward to use. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried the old-fashioned wetting the end of the thread, but even that doesn't work ... all ideas gratefully received!


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    Hello and welcome to a friendly forum!

    Stitch and Bitch groups are great! Good luck with expanding your crafting - our local library has a Knitting Group that welcomes people learning to knit so maybe there's something like it in your area?

    I find needles easier to thread if I put a bright white sheet of paper or cloth on my knee or table, so that I can hold the needle close to it then the eye shows up easily.
    Also make sure you have a clean cut edge to the thread as just the teeniest stray strand can catch the edge of the eye and make it impossible to thread.
    Annie and Lyn


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      Hello &

      Love the sound of the 'Stitch & Bitch' (can't sew however!) Sounds like great fun...
      Ali x

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        thanks ladies - the tip about trying to thread against a white back ground makes perfect sense. I shall give it a go tomorrow at the group!

        I was apprehensive about joining the Stitch and Bitch as it was primarily set up for knitters. However, they have a good attendance from a wide variety of crafters: crochet/cross stitch/knitting - it's a great way to while away an hour!


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          Welcome to the forum, your group sounds fun - keep up with the tapestry and good luck knitting!


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            Welcome to the forum

            Sometimes when I hav trouble threading a needle I fold a small end of the wool/yarn that I want to thread and then twist it lots to try and tighten the twistiness of the thread to make it thinner, and then try jabbing it through the hole. You'll get the hang of it eventually and find a method that suits you!
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