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  • To lurk, or not to lurk...

    ...I have been lurking here for some time, reading threads and checking out some of the wonderful blogs. However, lurking's a lonely business, so I thought it was time to sign up and join in.

    I'm a mother of three and work part time as a chef now that they are all (finally!!) at school. Art has always been a huge passion of mine - discipline not so much, which is why I'm an art college drop out rather than graduate - and crafting is something I got seriously into about 5 years ago, but it's taken me all that time and a lot of experimenting and craft fair trial and error to know what area of crafting was really for me.

    I love sewing, although I'm not that good at it and have an irrational fear of my sewing machine (hand stitching all the way!), so I continue to make and sew for fun but what I concentrate on now is hand painted customised shoes, hats and clothes. It's something I used to do at college to earn a bit of beer money and after (much more recently) painting a pair of shoes for my youngest son I had so many requests off other mums that I decided to delve back into it.

    When I'm not crafting or painting I read compulsively (currently waiting for the latest installment of the A Song Of Ice And Fire series) and also sing with an acoustic covers band - which is a tame version of my teenage dreams of being a rock star

    Can't wait to meet you all

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    Hi and to the forum. i'm with you on the sewing machine thing (bad experiences from Home Ec classes at school I think) and always hand sew on the rare occasion I choose to do any needlework

    You made the right choice not to lurk anymore - you can now jump in all those conversations you've been wanting to
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      welcome from the shadows.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        Thank you both!

        And Home Ec!!! Soooo true...shudder... Haha!


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          Welcome to the forum! I have to warn you, you may find it gets difficult to fit in all your crafting and reading soon...this forum is very addictive, I'm sure some days I spend longer on here than I do actually making anything!! (Although now I can get on here from my day job so it's a bonus, just flick back every now and then and it makes me look really busy!)


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            Hi Fliss and a warm to the forum. Certainly not a lonely place to be when you start to join in. Many friendships have been formed on here.

            Lookinng forward to seeing some of your work it sounds interesting
            Lisa x
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              Hi and welcome to the forum. It's great!
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                Hello Fliss and welcome to the forum


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                  to the light side from the shadows!

                  This forum is addictive and if you thought it was bad enough when you were lurking, just wait and see how quickly those posts add up now you are able to chat along too!
                  Ali x

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                    Hello - welcome, I'm new to the forum too. The shoes etc sound great. Do you think you will post any photos on your profile page? Love to see your work ,it sounds really interesting. Good luck with it all!

                    Nanci Forbes
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                      Thank you all, what a warm welcome!

                      I really shouldn't be encouraging myself to procrastinate even more on the internet, but there you go!

                      I was trying to post photos of some shoes earlier, before I found out about the 25 post limit, but I hadn't thought of using my profile picture...I shall remedy that straight away...


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                        Hi *waves*

                        Have you been watching the TV adaptation of the books? How does it match up? It sounds like we read the same sort of thing, although I've only read Martin's Wildcard mosaic novels up to now; Song of Ice and Fire is on the list, though.

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                          No, I've avoided the tv series so far as I'm a terrible pedant and I know I'd just sit there going - "That didn't happen!" "She doesn't look like that!" "They made that person up!" etc The only Martin I'd read previously was Fevre Dream, which is so far removed from ASOIAF. I do really, really recommend the series though - it's brilliant!


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                            I know what you mean about being a pedant; I'm terrible with films of 'my' books, to the point that people won't watch them with me. My favourite book (well, probably) is Dean Koontz's Watchers, and they tore it to shreds when they made the film. I'm a massive King fan, too, and I'm not looking forward to the new version of The Stand. And there's Jurassic Park *shudder*. And they made Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series into a farce. I'll stop now.

                            Have you tried David Gemmell? GoT reminds me of his Drenai novels.

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                              Hi Fliss,

                              Welcome to the forum. I was a lurker for a while before I finally jumped in.

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