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Hello - I need some confidence to get going :o)

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  • Hello - I need some confidence to get going :o)

    Hello I am new!

    Last year I invested in a fancy sewing machine. I used it once, wasnt that great, and lost my confidence

    I am a really arty person but have hit a brick wall. I was hoping to make a little bit of money from making crafty things, I have no interest in making clothes or curtains. I have thought about making cushions, pet beds,or little soft bricka brack type things (shabby sheek type things). I also fancy making advent calendars ready for christmas.

    I have lost my confidence and need some support. Hope to get to know you all soon. XXX

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    try not to give up , maybe start with getting a few books from the library with patterns which may provide inspiration and a starting point for you. When you start to feel more confident you will naturally start ajusting patterns to your own taste and then start from scratch your own designs and patterns. alternatively maybe enroll on a local textiles course to help get you going.


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      Hi there - is it the sewing machine that has you hung up? I'm scared of my sewing's so "involved" but I love it - it's a good one. It just intimidates me.


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        Welcome to the forum. I don't sew, so can't really help you on that one. Although I have to admit a few years ago I decided I had to have a sewing machine, I used it once and it's been sat in a cupboard ever since (a waste of about £200).

        I am sure other members will be able to give you some help and advice as it is a lovely forum.

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          Hello Sparklepeeps
          Oh dear - you are in need of inspiration!

          You feel that you are an arty person, therefore, before you go making regular cushions etc have a look around at a few blogs and see if you can get any ideas to make them different.

          If it's straight sewing you want to do, have you thought about making 'Art Quilts'?

          If you want something 'arty and freeform' and a little different, have a look at our blog (address by our signature) - it might spark some ideas - we make our own felt art then use a sewing machine (free motion embroidery) to enhance it.

          Don't give up - keep looking around and playing with your fabrics - you will get a 'eureka' moment.
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            Hello and welcome to the forum. did you get the offer of free lessons with your machine know that these can be invaluable. Where are you based? and don't give up. Join us on Handmade Monday for a browse round the blogs may give you some inspiration.


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              Hello and welcome to the forum.

              Lessons are a good idea, so keep a look out for some. In the meantime, just play with you machine, with no aim of making "saleable" items. Ideas will come and go, scribble them down before they disappear! Also, visit the library for books with simple ideas you could have a go at. Keep playing.

              You probably need to get a clearer idea of where you and your sewing machine want to be headed. Don't let it intimidate you - you are the human and you are in charge!!!

              Simple stuff like heart shapes, bags to stuff with lavender, etc., are a good start. Try looking for downloadable patterns to begin with - you might even find some free ones or some with sewing tutorials attached. You'll find some on etsy or folksy, but they're everywhere when you start looking.

              Good luck and show that machine who's boss!!
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                Go to your local library and get some books out and look and see if the evening classes info is available yet, then book yourself on one of them.

                Have a google for craft tutorials and see whether that will ignite a spark.

                Also go and have a look at Craft shows and see if you can get some inspiration there. Although if you do not feel passionate about it, nothing will help you to enjoy it, to be honest.