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Craft Robo vs Cricut

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  • Craft Robo vs Cricut

    Hi! I have a craft robo silhouette but am not totally satisfied with it. I find the software easy to use, but the machine doesn't cut through very thick card. For thin paper and vinyl it's great, but any heavy paper is just a time waster. I have been looking into the Cricut Expression and have a few questions. With the SCAL software, can you make any shape or do you have to have the cartridges to go with it? I do like being able to design what I like with the craft robo silhouette and if it cut better I wouldn't complain! I would like to know if the cricut cuts through thick material, too. If anyone out there can help, that would be great!

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    With SCAL you do not need the carts...BUT apparently Cricut and SCAL have had a falling out it seems and the fall out is unpleasant with Provocraft refusing to honour warranties if SCAL software is used with a Cricut machine and SCAL refusing to make any promises about it working on Cricut machines...all of which leaves customers a bit up the air with what is advice would be to hold fire until this is settled if you really want to be able to mainly use SCAL in your cricut


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      Thank you for the advice! I had not heard that. I think I will be looking at the Pazzles machine instead as I don't feel like investing £££ in the Cricut as I think it is too limiting!! Thank you!


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        Before you change your machine, have you replaced the blade? I use a large vinyl cutter occasionally and the blade wears out very quickly and then gives a poor cut. If you fit a new blade I feel sure you will be able to cut thicker materials. I know on my machine there is a method to increase the pressure on the blade for cutting thicker materials, does the Robo have this facility?



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          I have replaced the blade and unfortunately it does not help. Even with a new blade I am cutting the image about 8 times and still having to cut through the last bit myself. The Silhouette software allows you to adjust the thickness of the material, and you have to adjust the blade cap depending on what it tells you to use. But no matter what thickness or blade cap I use it always ends up the same way! And I am not trying to cut through chip board or anything, just glitter card. So I can't understand it but it is frustrating!


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            I have the cricut and use SCAL with it. I dont think Cricut and SCAl have any agreement - the SCaL softwear means you can cut anything with the cricut with just one cart loaded - you need a cart in the slot but the SCAl controls the cutting from your PC. You can cut anything you can design, trace, copy , hundreds of files can be downloaded from SCAL forum - it is the best tool I own and I use it every day. It cuts card up to 250gms with no trouble at all.