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Hello - another newcomer here!

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  • Hello - another newcomer here!

    Been making for many years and just reached that age and stage where I've decided to give it a go and try to make some sort of living from my crafts and give up the day job as my daughters leave home.
    I'll probably need all the help I can get!!

    Like many crafts people I have dabbled in all sorts of areas but the things I keep coming back to all involve needle and thread - so the idea is hand crafted bags, aprons, etc.... but at the moment the passion is my 'friends'

    Already seeing lots of helpful stuff on the forum, but forums are a bit of mystery to me!!
    Day job is Business Analyst so perhaps I can bring that to the party if it helps anyone.

    CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things

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    Hi Catherine, welcome to the forum, I should warn you it gets very addictive...

    I was up your neck of the woods yesterday at the Clarke Foley centre,
    Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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      Welcome to the forum, if like me you have hundreds of question you need an answer to you will find it here


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        Hi Catherine, i'm new here too, welcome. Lots of useful stuff and advice here.



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          Welcome to the forum. It's the business side of things that is the hardest for most of us so you may have a head start there LOL.

          "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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            Thanks for the welcome.
            I'm just worried that I will want to run before I can walk!
            CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things


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              Jane. You will find all the help you need on these pages and friends too. Good to see you here.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Welcome to the Forum, Catherine!
                This forum is addictive. It should be labeled as dammaging for your health...;-) Just kidding :-)
                Pia from Sweden
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                  Hello and to the forum

                  My only piece of advice regarding making your crafts your full time business is that it is a rollercoaster of a ride!! Great joy at times, really scary at other times - like when money is flying out of the door booking fairs and buying supplies, etc and not flying back in at the same speed!!

                  I have to agree that this is a very addictive place but also a mine of information, help, support and assistance.

                  Good luck with your new venture.
                  Ali x

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                    Hi - best thing I ever did was give up the day job and start working full time at what I love to do! It doesn't make you rich but it does make you happy. I found promoting the things I made was the hardest, I am limited to selling from home so it has been on the internet mostly for me, opening stores on places like Etsy. It's been hard work but I don't regret a second, not many people can say they love their work!

                    Claire x
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