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need help with finding feet!!!

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  • need help with finding feet!!!

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Dawn and i work with children mainly doing play therapy with the dolls. I make my own worry type dolls with all mixed emotions etc.. I am finding it very very hard to find small wooden feet to make them stand up as at the moment my dolls just have small round wooded beads for feet. The dolls are make of wired so that they bend and beads for head and hands and feed and cloths made of wool (like a worry doll) and material. They do everything apart from stand. The children use them in a dolls house so some of them need to be able to stand up. If anyone knows where i can get them PLEASE let me know. The only one i found so far is in america and the postage it a bit mental!!! (I make the dolls as i have no budget to buy any so cost for me is an issue

    Thanks for reading and hope you can help.

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    would something like this work..
    from China but shipping is "free"
    OR THESE..
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      Looking at Kiamyka's feet I've seen beads shaped like feet....but how big are your dolls?

      Have you got a little saw and a drill?
      I would have bought some wooden spheres and sawn them in half to make hemispheres, drill a hole the size of a leg, jam the leg in the hole with glue.

      Easier - little flat bits of wood with two holes drilled in. I'm thinking of my dad's model train set where the tiny figues are on stands. You could paint the wood to look like shoes but your figures would all be standing like ballet dancers with their feet turned out .

      I have had a horrible thought. Have you looked at the EU regulations for selling toys?
      Even if you are not selling your toys they are sensible regulations. The pipecleaner dolls my aunties made for me when I was a tiddler would not pass these 'new' regulations. The wire would be deemed dangerous.........