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    Hi everyone
    I'm new to this site. Trying to start up a business after being out of work on and off over the past few years due to the recession.

    Wondered if anyone can help me please. How does one price up cushions please, any help gratefully received? . I want to make sure I am not either under valuing or over doing it.

    Thanking you in advance

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    well you need to do your home work lol and depends where you plan to sell your items. If you do get started maybe look into getting working tax credit to help keep wolves at bay lol Good luck maybe if you have samples you might if you can cold sell try shops Charlie
    Pauline (Deceased) and Charlie (wishing he was) Ps this link is to old site ( not there now)
    But it was Paulines so i cant delete it


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      Hello and Welcome Linda. Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer to your question everybody seems to give different advice. Obviously work out exactly how much your materials are costing you, fabric, cushion pads etc. Do your research and see what other "crafters" are charging for similar items, maybe visit a few craft fairs and look on sites like Folksy & Etsy etc. If you decide to approach retailers to stock your items, then you will need to reduce your prices for them BUT still be making a profit yourself (make sure you take this into consideration when initially pricing you goods).
      Good luck and keep us posted on how get on.


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        You need to take inot account:

        Cost of materials
        Labour cost (this would be an hourly rate and you pro rata accordingly)
        Overheads (Operating expenses such as rent, utilities and insurance)
        Plus a percentage for profit could be anything from 100% of the above totals upwards, see the note on wholesale below before decid9ing on the final percentage profit mark up.

        Pricing correctly can make or break a business and needs to be right, not sure what your cushions are like but my applique ones go from approx £25.00 upwards depending on size, I do tend to hand sew the applique as find easier than a machine plus am quicker now than when I started, too many years ago to remember. Take a look at other sites, do not look at shop prices as you are producing handmade in the UK not cheap imports from overseas, somewhere like Etsy of UK Handmade would be a good starting point, again avoid the likes of gift Wrapped and Gorgeous or Not on the High Street as a lot of their prices are inflated by the sellers to accommodate the charges levied.

        Wholesale is another ball game and another reason to get your retail prices right as shops will expect to pay at least 40% below the retail price, so do allow for this, there is no point making an item and only allowing for the materials plus a bit of profit as this could be wiped out when wholesaling. If an item costs £10.00 to make plus £10.00 profit retail £20.00 wholesale could be £12.00, so would you be happy to make £2.00 per item? More realistic you would need to retail at £30.00 and charge £18.00 wholesale
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          Thanks Dazal very helpful. Have booked to do the Craft Fair at the Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford in June and the Dover Regatta in July. Am extremely nervous about this as these will be my first ones. I will let you know how I get on.

          Many thanks again.


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            Hi Pauline

            Thanks for your help. Trouble is with pricing in the current market no one wants to pay the prices and in Kent less so because of the lack of jobs so the prices have to be keen. I am already going to trial my cushions in a small shop locally but does have a steady flow of people so will see what happens. The idea of working tax credit is a good idea but unfortunately due to my age it finished last January and I am unable to have anymore. However, good idea, but sadly won't work for me boo hoo.
            Thanks again.


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              Thanks for your help and guidance. I am so new to all of this so all the help I can get is great. The short answer is no I wouldn't be happy with making just £2 a cushion especially appliqued and piped cushions with all the work involved. Charging £30 a cushion is not viable in Kent as there isn't the money or the work that's why I am doing this as I can't get a job. I looked on some sites and the prices vary quite considerably so need to reconsider mine.

              I've seen some alphabetic cushions but don't know where to source the templates to do these and also am having problems sourcing reasonable priced heart cushions and bolster ones so any help with this would be great.

              Thanks again Caroline, very kind )


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                With the odd shapes I make my own, soft calico is so cheap and you can bulk buy the filling. The same with alphabet cushions made my own patterns inserting a 3" gusset to give depth, takes a bit of working out but you do get there in the end.


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                  Great thanks. Will try and have a go, wish me luck lol


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                    Hi again CraftyLinda, heres a link to a free down loadable "alphabet" they are actually childrens colouring pages but maybe you could enlarge or decrease to the size you want ... hope this helps you.
                    Good luck